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100 Homes Reaches Milestone
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In  Creating Affordable Housing Options In a Hot Real Estate Market, SCC CEO Daniel LeBlanc writes  that Somerville has emerged as one of the hottest -- if not the hottest -- residential real estate markets in Greater Boston. And, of course, the region is among the very hottest markets in the country. 

He looks at what a nonprofit community development corporation like SCC can do in this kind of environment to ensure affordability and diversity, both now and into the future.

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Lead Safe Somerville is a federally-funded program provided by the City of Somerville. All expenses associated with making the unit lead-safe are covered by a forgivable loan. Read more.

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This month's issue of SCC's eNews provides an update on our 100 Homes program, which is one of the ways we are preserving affordable housing stock in Somerville's super-hot housing market.  We also look at the intense work SCC and Union United are doing to press master developer US2 to negotiate a community benefits agreement for Union Square, so current residents and small businesses can remain in and prosper from the development coming to the neighborhood. 

We take time also to thank our donors, friends and partners for the support they give to SCC, especially through our Social Equity Campaign/CITC. Check out information below on how you can turn  Tax Day into a celebration. We also want to thank  Club Passim in Harvard Square for their generous donation of meeting room chairs. A special shout out to Jim Wooster -- and to Lea Ruscio from Arts At The Armory for making the connection.

Thanks to each of you for all you do for SCC. 

Until Next Time,
SCC CEO Daniel LeBlanc

100 Homes Reaches Milestone
Earlier this month SCC acquired a property that ensures that now 20 units of Somerville housing are protected as permanently affordable through the 100 Homes program.

Now that SCC has successfully completed this pilot phase, we look forward to helping more households enjoy the stability of being more housing-secure.  Read more.

US2: Union Square Needs a CBA
Earlier this month, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone presented a covenant that he negotiated with master developer US2. 

While the deal makes progress towards some of our goals, SCC and Union United members are concerned about the long-term implications for displacement and developer accountability.   Read more.

Congratulations to SCC 2017 Award Recipients
SCC has honored the Somerville Legislative delegation with the Norris Weston Award for their tremendous dedication in moving Somerville's Jobs Linkage Home Rule petition forward at the Massachusetts State Legislature. 

We also recognized and thanked Somerville hero Regina Bertholdo with the Hazel Hughes Award for her tireless dedication to immigrant families in Somerville.  Read more.

Celebrating Tax Day with a Spring Party?
One of the joyous moments of the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program takes place on Tax Day. 

The 2016 SCC Social Equity Campaign donors, 87 in total, were eligible this Tax Day to claim their 50% CITC state tax refund. And we are celebrating with a May 17th party!

April is Financial Literacy Month
Watch the #SucceedtogetherSCC Video on Becoming Financial Literate
April is Financial Literacy month. Check out and share the #succeedtogetherscc video that examines how one man found -- and you can find -- financial stability in a world increasingly marred by escalating inequality. 

about  SCC's Financial Literacy program.

As always, we appreciate feedback. Be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter for the most current info on what we're up to and how to get involved. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon! 

Daniel LeBlanc
Somerville Community Corporation