During the past month, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities has been contacted by an overwhelming number of school administrators, teachers, parents, business leaders, clergy, and nonprofit partners seeking our guidance and direction in the midst of increasing bullying, bias, and conflict. These incidents include name calling and harassment directed toward refugees, immigrants, Muslims, transgender people, African American and Latino people, and more. 
This election season spotlighted deep divisions and demonstrated a clear need for greater understanding, respect, and empathy.  No matter your political affiliation or preferred result in last week's Presidential election, we must all stand together now against these hurtful words and actions that target members of our community. 
More than ever before, people are seeking out the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities to provide expert counsel, facilitation, and resources. Please click here to donate in support of Inclusive Communities' critical work.
It is going to take all of us, together, to achieve VCIC's vision of a Virginia where every person is included and where prejudice, intolerance, and fear of facing those issues don't stand in the way of success for our schools, businesses, and communities.

This update includes details about upcoming VCIC programs, as well as many local and national resources.  Please let us know how VCIC can partner with you.  Contact our office by phone at (804) 515-7950 or by emailing Charm Bullard (Director of Education), Jessica Hawthorne (Director of Programs), Meriel Martinez (Education & Training Coordinator), or Jonathan Zur (President & CEO).
We look forward to working with you!
Standing Together RVA Community Gathering

The community is invited to learn, share, and show support on Sunday, December 4 at 3:30pm at Third Street Bethel A.M.E. Church (614 N 3rd St, Richmond).  This gathering is an opportunity to stand together with those who have increasingly been targeted and marginalized, and to demonstrate concern about the recent rise in bias and division. 

Featured Articles and Curriculum

This month's article and curriculum links focus on science.  Please share your ideas and suggestions for future updates!

Upcoming Contests, Funding, and Programs

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(Initiatives and observances to advance character education and inclusion)
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