MARCH 2017

The issues that the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities works on are in the news every day.  In the last few weeks, our staff members have facilitated programs, provided expert counsel, and built partnerships on topics including police-community relations, gender identity, immigrants and refugees, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, race, and more.  These efforts have taken us to various corners of our Commonwealth.  Check out a few highlights from February:
Indeed, this is the moment for VCIC to be bold, active, and engaged!   To that end, we will be announcing staff expansion and fundraising plans over the next month that will position our organization to even more effectively serve schools, businesses, and communities.  Stay tuned for more information!

This update includes details about upcoming VCIC programs, as well as many local and national resources.  Please let us know how VCIC can partner with you.  Contact our office by phone at (804) 515-7950 or by emailing Charm Bullard (Director of Education), Jessica Hawthorne (Director of Programs), Meriel Martinez (Education & Training Coordinator), or Jonathan Zur (President & CEO).

We look forward to working with you!
Webinar to Support Trans* Youth

VCIC joins our friends at Side by Side (formerly ROSMY) to present an interactive webinar for  local school leaders, counselors, and teachers on MARCH 9 at 4:00PM about supporting transgender students in our schools.  In the wake of changes to guidelines provided by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, we hope that you will participate in this discussion about how you can continue to create a safe, affirming, and support place for all of your students.
2017 Connections Institute

Since 1993, the Harold M. Marsh, Sr. Connections Institute has prepared high school student delegates to make decisions based on an appreciation of the vast diversity within Virginia. The 2017 Institute takes place from July 31 - August 4.  School registration is due APRIL 7.

Featured Articles and Curriculum

This month's article and curriculum links focus on physical education.  Please share your ideas and suggestions for future updates!

Upcoming Contests, Funding, and Programs

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