Fall 2012

Linda Richmand, CPC


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The Secret to Creating Motivation & Momentum 

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One step can make all the difference
 Take One Step Toward Your Goal and Watch What Happens...

Zig Zigler, famous corporate and personal development author and speaker, says "Do it, and then you will feel motivated to do it." As a career, business, and life coach who has worked with hundreds of clients, I can attest to Mr. Zigler's wisdom. Although, I say it slightly differently, "Start it, do a little more each day, and watch momentum and motivation build."  No matter how you say it, the message is the same -- motivation and momentum are derived from action, and not by thinking harder. 


If you are having difficulty taking action toward your goal(s), no matter the reason, hiring a coach could be your "first step".  Coaches partner with clients to move forward in their lives.  In my practice, among other services provided, I help clients to..... 

  • Determine and Clarify Goals 
  • Create Evolving Step by Step Plans  
  • Discover New and Exciting Options 
  • Overcome Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs 
  • Develop Time Management and Organizational Tools
  • Learn How to Market Themselves Via Networking and Social Media  
  • Challenge and Test Assumptions
  • Feel Accountable

If you are feeling stuck, don't waste any more precious time.  Hire a partner to take on your agenda and get you going.  Hire a coach.