Cherry Tree Publishes Building 
Products Industry 2016Q4 Report
The enclosed report focuses on the Building Products industry. In this report, we discuss how the new Administration's immigration policies may affect the construction labor shortage and the industry as a whole. We examine the origins of the shortage, the demographics of the construction workforce, and the shift in the labor pool since the 2008-2009 recession. Finally, the report discusses several solutions to the labor shortage, particularly one where the Administration and construction businesses have a mutual interest.
With another year coming to a close, Cherry Tree analyzes the major macroeconomic and building products indicators in this report. The year ended quite strong due in part to high consumer and business confidence, healthy wage growth, and increasing industrial activity. Strengthening economic trends suggest the potential of a strong year for building products companies in 2017.
Additionally, we discuss Building Products M&A activity, public company valuation metrics, M&A valuation metrics, and notable building products transactions in 2016Q4. The report also includes Cherry Tree's Building Products Performance Index.
We trust you will find this report beneficial. Please contact us to discuss our services, the industry, this report, our findings, or the outlook for your business.

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