Helping Human Services Agencies Build Resilience Within Communities In the Face of Environmental and Climate Injustice

Welcome to Building Resilience, the new quarterly APHSA newsletter focused on helping the human services sector better understand and advance the goal of building resilience in communities most impacted by harmful environmental factors like pollution and increasing weather extremes. It will highlight articles, reports, and tools that are at the intersection of environmental justice and human services. 

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How Extreme Heat Hits America's Hungry

Axios | The effect of the heatwaves of Summer 2023 were disproportionate.

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Rising Temperatures Linked to Increased Child Neglect

UT News | New research from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Discrimination Has Trapped People of Color in Unhealthy Urban "Heat Islands"

Scientific American | More than other groups, people of color live in neighborhoods prone to excess heat.

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White House Climate Resilience Framework

White House | Methods to build a climate-resilient nation.

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U.S. Department of the Treasury Releases Report on Climate Change and Household Finances

U.S. Treasury | Treasury releases a report titled, The Impact of Climate Change on American Household Finances.

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Where Are Children in Head Start Exposed to Environmental Hazards?

Urban Institute | Environmental Exposure Mapping Tool to better understand Head Start children's relative exposure to hazards.

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Community Disaster Resilience Zones Platform Tools

FEMA | Information on the census tract designations included in the first selection of disaster resilience zones.

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Heat Island Community Actions Database

EPA | Database of actions communities can take to reduce heat islands.

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Climate and Health Outlook Portal

OCCHE | The HHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity is providing data related to several key climate risks.

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What Does Environmental Justice Mean to You

Have you listened to our latest interview on #WhatEJMeans2Me? In this video interview with Senchel Matthews of The Full Frame Initiative, we dive deep into what it means to promote equitable recovery and resilience in our communities.

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