Building STEPS Summer Experience
Summer Experience is off to a great start with rising seniors participating in internships and engaged in academic and professional development workshops.
Take a quick look below and learn what four of our
students are experiencing.
With Towson University's EduCycle , Kerel (Merganthaler, 2019) is exploring his interest in computer science. In addition to learning how to recondition computers and helping with the quality assurance, he is learning about programming. This well-rounded summer internship will help Kerel consider a breadth of computer-related options as he thinks about and prepares for college.
At Katzen Eye Group, Shemerra (Vivien T. Thomas, 2019) interacts with patients and is learning firsthand about ophthalmology and optometry. Witnessing both medical and routine eye exams, she is learning about eyecare intracacies and sub-specialties.
De’Mon's (Edmondson-Westside, 2019) interests in chemistry and biology are perfectly aligned with his University of Maryland Baltimore's Summer Bioscience Program internship. Immersed in a biomedical research environment, De'Mon is benefitting from professional role models and learning about research-oriented career options.
The National Aquarium's IT department is integral to the facilities' daily operations, spanning a number of locations and disciplines. Through her internship, Janae (Carver Vo-Tech, 2019) works on a variety of IT projects, attends team meetings, and is learning the expectations and dynamics of a professional work environment.
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