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  Paul Herrerias 
Managing Director, SF & SV
Global Leader - CFO/ Financial 
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Welcome to the Spring 2015 edition of our newsletter, focusing on building teams together. Building great teams requires great leadership. In my thirty years working with thousands of executives, the exceptionally successful leaders are those who invest in building high-performance teams.


Team building is a subject very close to my heart and what drives me everyday at work. It is the profound understanding of people, how they work, their strengths, values, and what motivates them to perform their best.


As John Roulac, Founder/CEO of Nutiva, shared with us this week, his most important element of organizational success is building teams: aligning on the mission and nurturing the team culture. Next on his list were constant innovation and ensuring profitable growth. Which cultural values are you promoting for your team? (See Nutiva's team values)


How do we distinguish high-potential leaders for your team? I share insights on how building teams is both a science and an art in my blog: Science & Art of Team Building Next up in my leadership series will be an article on interviewing to discern effective team leaders.  


Participate in the NASCAR Raffle below for your chance to win 4 tickets on June 27th at the Sonoma Raceway. 


Follow my updates and articles on my Leadership San Francisco blog:

Read on and please do send me an email and let me know what is new and exciting in your life! 

Warm Regards,

Paul Herrerias
Managing Director - San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Stanton Chase

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Retained Executive Search

We have successfully completed several search assignments. Below is a selection of recent search engagements in our San Francisco and North America offices. 

Chief Financial Officer Food & Wine Production Technology
CFO/VP of Finance Natural/Organic Food Manufacturer/Distributor -$100m
Senior Director, Corporate Finance Retail Stores (10,000+)
VP of Operations Top 10 U.S. Attraction (Retail & Hospitality)
Managing Director Global Information Security & Privacy Management
SVP Brand and Engagement Publishing, Media & Advertising
VP of Sales Clothing Manufacturer
VP of Marketing Food & Wine Production Technology
Executive Director Non-profit - Bay Area

Success finance concept  arrows hitting the center of target, Red Success on wall background, 3d render
Retained Executive Search

We are proud to serve our clients with their strategic hiring needs. Below is a selection of our current search assignments. To see a full list of our current engagements , visit Stanton Chase North America - Current Searches.

Chief Financial Officer Engineering, Construction & Building Materials
SVP Enterprise Risk Manager Financial Services - Banking
Chief Financial Officer Software
Vice President, Operations Consumer Products
Chief Executive Officer Consumer Products - $4.3B in packaged foods
VP Sales & Marketing
Consumer Products Manufacturer 
VP Sales and Partnership Healthcare IT
Chief Information Security Officer Pharmaceutical - Global Top Ten
Division President Technology - Robotics
Chief Financial Officer Retail & Distribution - Transport, Hospitality, and Recreation

Win 4 tickets!!!

We are raffling 4 tickets for NASCAR Qualifiers on Saturday, June 27, 2015, at the Sonoma Raceway. If you would like to enter the raffle, simply email me at and put "NASCAR" on your subject line. The drawing will take place on Friday, May 22nd, and winners will be notified that same weekend. Good luck to everyone!

Raffle open to all, no cash value. 

CEO CLUB    |   The CEO Club of Marin is a special interest group, founded by Paul Herrerias in 2003, bringing together experienced CEOs and Business Owners. We meet second Tuesday of every month and invite a featured speaker to lead engaging discussions and offer fascinating insights about the inner-workings of their company. The CEO Club offers consulting, coaching and networking opportunities for those who are building teams, raising funds, and growing their companies. Contact Paul to learn more about the CEO Club.   |



THE COO FORUM   |   Paul Herrerias chairs the Marin Chapter of this national organization serving "Second in Command" leaders in organizations (COO, CFO, President, etc.). On the third Thursday of each month, we discuss a new topic that pertains to the professional challenges our members face. The forum is meant to provide a space for trusted organizational leaders to collaborate confidentially, explore new opportunities and counsel one another. Contact Paul to learn more about the COO Forum and its chapters across the USA.   |



DEAL PAVERS   |   Stanton Chase - San Francisco is a major sponsor of Deal Pavers, an educational networking group for Private Equity and Investment Banking professionals seeking to get the first scoop about imminent business opportunities. Paul Herrerias currently serves as the Board Chair. Contact him for more information about this organization.   |

We welcome your comments and feedback on our May 2015 Newsletter.   

Enjoy Spring!  

Paul Herrerias
Managing Director - San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Stanton Chase

Office: (415) 721-7001 x 1



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