March 2022
Take a look at all we have been working on to prepare the way for a spectacular springtime!
Dip your foot into a new creative endeavor in one of our workshops, or develop your skills in one of our returning classes in theatre, ceramics, painting, and more! Be sure to check out our new workshops in public art too.

Registration is open now, spring semester begins April 4th.
NEXT MONDAY: A 2-hour workshop for beginner or experienced writers - come work through a series of writing prompts to get new work flowing! Participants will work on developing dialogue and monologues while crafting believable characters. Spend two hours on Zoom creating and sharing short works with guided assistance.
April vacation week will again be filled with fun in the ceramics room!

The morning program is for grades 2 - 5, and the afternoon is for grades 6+.

Make plans to share our front lawn for a great view of the 2:00 Patriots' Day Parade!
We are having two special weeks of Counselors in Training programming for youth 13 & 14 years old.

Nine weeks of summer camp for grades K - 6.
Munroe Center Stage Presents:
Friday, March 25 @ 7:30pm - online

Join us for a play reading of Sidewalk Cracks, a one-act show by Brit Christopher about love, or maybe about the loss of it. 

"What kills a relationship? Is there just some fated, set time for two people to last? The little quirks become annoyances…kisses and pleasantries become obligatory. You fall apart".

Brit Christopher is playwright of theatre for both children and adults, and enjoys tackling relevant and vulnerable content through theatre. You can see more of their writing as it pertains to theatre and education on
40th Dance Inn Recital!
April 9

Special Legacy Dance Co. Gala
April 10

We salute the dedication of Thelma Goldberg and the success of the Dance Inn! Forty recitals - that's a lot of celebration! Join the fun for what is sure to be another great show; tickets are now available online.
Public Art
In the Gallery
Stop by the gallery M - Th to get a shot of sunshine from Jess Lawrence. Her works enlighten the viewer to the abstract allure of the ordinary by distilling the essences of shapes and using unnatural colors to awaken the wonder of childlike marvel and overlooked pleasures.
The Painted Posts project will be back again this spring with 3, 4, or 5 foot posts available behind the building later this month.
ArtWalk is experimenting with a little color in the front of the building to help us get through these dark days of winter.
What do you think?
The first event to kick off May's Fairy Homes & Gardens Tour happens
We are excited to welcome artist Judith Cooper & Cristina Burwell as they lead things off with a free workshop to create a giant fairy house.
This year we are working around the clock to make big and small improvements in accessibility. The largest project is a three-floor elevator, with accessible, gender-neutral toilet rooms. We have been working on designs, and this spring we will be focusing on full schematic drawings that lead into construction drawings. In the meantime, we are chipping away at a list of smaller items identified by the Institute for Human Centered Design in its ADA survey this past year. We are widening doorways (offset hinge pictured below), removing threshold barriers at raised dance floors, and providing contrasting stripes on stairs ... to name a few projects.
Lexington Cultural District
In other news, the Select Board has signed a resolution last month to create a state-authorized cultural district.

Goals for a cultural district (that the arts center will fall into) include attracting artists and cultural enterprises, encouraging business and job development, establishing tourist destinations, preserving and reusing historic buildings, enhancing property values, and fostering local cultural development.

For more information, visit the MCC Cultural District web page.
Last year donations helped to bring about scholarships for students in need, more public art projects as well as community programming, and helped us to sustain our current level of staffing.. Thank you! There is never a bad time to support the arts.
pARTners 2022
Thank you to our community partners in helping us to bring art to life!