Building Water Systems
Building Water Systems
Lay Up of Cooling Systems

For those responsible for maintaining HVAC cooling systems, the first hint of fall signifies that the time to lay-up cooling systems is fast approaching.

Achieve effective protection of your entire cooling system during idle periods with Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI).
Water Management Programs

In September 2020 the Pennsylvania Senate proposed Bill 1285 known as the Legionnaires' Disease Prevention and Reporting Act.  If passed, water management programs (WMPs) will be required for building water systems as outlined in ASHRAE Standard 188.

The Joint Commission is proposing a new water management program standard for hospital and nursing care centers (HAP, CAH & NCC) based on CMS guidance as well as that of the CDC and ASHRAE.

Reduce Operating Costs 

Use of GreenTech Purified Tannin Technology will:


 - Reduce Fuel Consumption 

 - Reduce Water and Sewer Costs

 - Reduce Labor Requirements


Case Study.


ProAsys treatment programs protect your property and personnel while ensuring equipment operates at peak efficiency which conserves water and energy.

According to the EPA, water shortages are anticipated in at least 40 states by 2024.  Read more
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