$150,000 to Build a Better Home
Variety - The Children's Charity generously granted us $100,000 to improve our facility. Margo & Don Blumenthal increased the impact from Variety with a $50,000 match! These donations will renovate units to support our youth and implement further security measures to keep our kiddos safe.
To learn more about Hope Hall mental health services, call (515) 557-2256 or visit our website.

We're incredibly thankful for all the volunteers that participated in United Way's Volunteer Day of Action on Sep 15. We were overwhelmed by the quick sign-up response! This group of volunteers worked hard pulling weeds, laying mulch, and making our courtyard look inviting again.
Our hearts are extremely grateful to Sammons Financial Group for donating $14,000 as part of their annual community outreach program in light of the Duck Derby being cancelled.
Catch Des Moines donated over 50 Adventureland tickets to our shelter kiddos. They were given a fun experience they'll remember forever.
As United Way of Central Iowa's Community Goals for 2020 culminate, please help them consider the future. This survey is designed to gather feedback on United Way's future mission focus, and to help identify issues in the community. Thank you for helping shape the future of United Way! Take the survey today.
Our Vision is Better than 2020
Leisa Fox, CEO
Change is hard. Leading through change is really, really hard. Fred Purdue’s quote in Jim Collins’ Good to Great best summarizes leading through a time of transition.

“When you turn over rocks and look at all the squiggly things underneath, you can either put the rock down, or you can say, ‘My job is to turn over rocks and look at the squiggly things,’ even if what you see can scare the hell out of you.”

Covid, Derecho, the current children’s mental health status, and social climate have provided an enormous opportunity for rethinking operations to their core.  

We are asking for leadership from every facet of our organization: Are there opportunities for collaboration? How can we more effectively deliver services to the community? Are there ways to provide support to families as they “return to learn?” Can our facility be better utilized to meet the needs of the clients we serve? 

We’re turning over squiggly rocks and the opportunities we are finding are amazing! 

At the end of the day, we have the right people on the bus and we are making amazing strides to a new, improved agency that delivers on our promise to “Change Lives by Protecting Children and Empowering Families.” I am so grateful for our team and feel solidly planted in our belief that “The right people don’t need to be tightly managed or fired up; they will be self-motivated by the inner drive to produce the best results and to be part of creating something great.”

To all of you that have stood by us and supported us through this transformation, we thank you and can’t wait to unveil the new era of YESS.