February 20, 2018


The occurrence of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and other natural disasters has changed the course of many people's lives forever, causing them to uproot their families, lose their homes, valued possessions and much more. The after effects of dealing with a natural disaster are long lasting and devastating for children and families. Delivering Good's ongoing response during this crisis is  to continue helping individuals and families by mobilizing the fashion, home and children's industries  to donate new merchandise for adults, children and families, along with the generous financial contributions made by individuals and companies to help those impacted by the devastation. We are proud to report that over  300 companies  have contributed over $30 million of new product and over 7,000 individuals, companies and foundations have contributed over $1 million to Delivering Good for general disaster relief and for the B Strong disaster relief initiative, with entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.

Among our disaster relief and response efforts, we have sent essential apparel, home furnishings, and other much-needed items to communities in Texas,  Florida, California, and Puerto Rico.  We will continue to help people in need as they rebuild their lives. As part of our disaster outreach strategy, we have worked to  #DeliverGood  through key community partners in affected areas to distribute new product to help children and families in need.
New product is critical to ensure long term recovery we  are dedicated to connecting with community partners, companies, and financial donors to help families and individuals rebuild. 
As part of this commitment through our network of community partners Delivering Good has been able to  make a difference in the lives of families and individuals with the gift of new product and gift cards in Texas, Florida, California, Puerto Rico and other areas affected by natural disaster.

Delivering Good Disaster Response 2017
Delivering Good Disaster Response 2017

Delivering Good partnered with community partners including HAUL  (Houston Area Urban League), East Harris County Empowerment Council, Caring For Others, Children's Hunger Fu nd and many other local non-profit partners to distribute apparel, furniture, toys, gift cards and other essential items to h elp families affected by the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Delivering Good distributed approximately over $9.7 million of product to community partners in Florida and California to help families and individuals affected by Hurricane Irma, Maria and the California Wildfires. Delivering Good continues to supply essential items like school supplies, apparel, gift cards, children's clothing, footwear, toys and home goods to help affected areas.

Months after Hurricane Maria's landfall, the island of Puerto Rico and many other islands are still in crisis, hundreds of thousands of people are still without necessities for survival. Delivering Good has made a concerted effort to help the people of Puerto Rico through partnerships with B Strong's disaster relief initiative with entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel and  New York Disaster Interfaith Services assisting displaced evacuees from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 


Delivering Good  and  B Strong disaster relief initiative worked with  community partners on the ground throughout the affected areas to assess the most pressing needs of individuals and families. Supplies were distributed to 7 disaster struck regions across the world including Texas, Florida, Mexico, California, Puerto Rico, New York and Dominica to assist people.The provision of   gift cards allowed families to purchase their immediate needs when shopping became available.

To date (as of February 2018) there have been:
  • 8 disaster-struck regions across the world have been provided aid and relief
  • 5,784 gift cards distributed to individuals and families affected by disaster
  • Over $1 Million in financial contributions raised to provide gift cards, supplies and much needed product to help improve the lives of those impacted by natural disaster 
  • 75 Shipping containers  of emergency supplies shipped and distributed to Puerto Rico

NYDIS (N ew York Disaster Interfaith Services)
With the support of a grant from the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, Delivering Good has been providing new clothing and goods to displaced Puerto Ricans and US Virgin Islanders who have come to New York City as a result of Hurricane Maria. 
  • Delivering Good works in partnership with NYDIS who operates a free marketplace to provide essential items like apparel to hurricane evacuees.
  • During the first three months of this program, Delivering Good has supplied $572,592 worth of goods through this Evacuee Marketplace, consisting of brand new donated product from 16 companies across the apparel and home goods industries.
  • The grant was recently renewed for an additional three months, by the end of which Delivering Good will have supplied more than $1.4 million worth of product.

As we continue our goals for the new year we are thankful to all of the companies and financial contributors who continue to support  our mission of delivering good to help children, families, and individuals impacted by poverty and disaster.

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