Building a Healthy Future for Immigrant Workers
May 2017 Newsletter
Supporting a Healthier Workforce
Latinos are 15% more likely to suffer from health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. BSP is committed to tackling these disparities and has witnessed not only the positive physical changes, but an increase in confidence and moral among janitors. Norma is one of these janitors who realized it was time to commit to a change in lifestyle. As an ABM day crew worker at Santa Monica Business Park, Norma participated in the Health and Wellness classes and immediately made the changes necessary to improve her nutrition and lose weight.  As for exercise, Norma walks in order to meet her goal of 10,000 steps daily and goes to the gym. In addition, Norma has noticed a shift in her self-esteem due to her weight loss and diet. BSP is proud to help janitors like Norma achieve their goals and support healthier lifestyles.

BSP believes that our community benefits when workers have access to preventative health. We are grateful to our partners who share our belief providing access and opportunities to improve the health and wellness of low-wage janitors and their families. Thank you to the partnership and support of NCLR, Iris Cantor UCLA Women's Health Center, and the California Service Employees Health & Welfare Trust Fund.
Providing the Tools for a Healthier Lifestyle
on the Job and Off
Juvenal Juarez immigrated from Mexico to the United States 28 years ago in search of a better life for himself and his 3 sons. He currently works for ABLE at Oakland's City Center while participating in BSP's Health and Wellness classes at his worksite. As a result, Juvenal has been able to make changes in his daily habits to improve his own wellness and the wellness of his family. 

After learning about the importance of nutrition, Juvenal has substituted the unhealthy foods in his and his family's diet with healthy foods. He also commits to daily walks, stay hydrated and pay extra attention to how he moves about work to prevent joint pain. While many low-income Latino workers are adversely affected by health disparities, BSP's Health and Wellness classes aim to close the gap to give workers like Juvenal and his family the tools and knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle on the job and off. 
BSP Receives Grant from NCLR
BSP recently received a grant titled Comprando Rico y Sano (Buying Healthy and Flavorful Food) that will instill healthy shopping and eating habits among Latinos through a variety of activities, including grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations. The grant will help expand health and wellness activities to workers and their children and implement cost-saving strategies that prove that healthy foods are more often than not affordable and accessible to all.  

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