Issue 6.51
December 18, 2020
Message from the President
While we are encouraged by the rollout of vaccines, we have many months to go before the net benefits of those vaccines becomes evident.

All three hospital leaders asked us to remind everyone of the three ‘Ws’ to keep you, your businesses and your customers safe – "Wash your hands, Wear a mask, and Watch your distance. Read more >
Monday, January 11, 2021
There is no question that a diverse workplace is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing. Diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage when attracting talent, it creates a more productive workforce, fosters creativity and innovation, and so much more. We asked our speaker, US Senator Cory Booker, one question: 

How do you build the pipeline of talent within the Black and Brown communities so that candidate pools for businesses in every industry and size are populated with qualified candidates that reflect the demographics of our country?
COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution

As you may be aware, high-risk essential workers will be eligible to begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine within the next few weeks. To help the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) understand your organization’s vaccination needs and to assist you in establishing any needed partnerships with medical providers to help vaccinate your staff, DPH is asking you to complete the following survey:

Completing the survey will allow DPH to understand your needs as they work to support matching organizations with administering providers, where needed. In the coming days, DPH will also follow up with detailed resources to support planning with your partner provider as you prepare for vaccine administration. Complete survey >
Collaborative Group Targets
Systemic Racism in Delaware
More than 380 years after “Black Anthony” became the first African to arrive in Delaware, and 52 years after the National Guard occupied Wilmington for nine months following MLK’s assassination, racial equity remains elusive for Black and Brown Delawareans. Read more >
Instilling the Skills that Build Careers
How Delaware State University delivers a career-focused curriculum to help Black and Hispanic-Latino students find better jobs

Education is one of the most powerful tools available to address economic and social inequality. College graduates have access to a greater range of jobs, enjoy longer and more satisfying careers, and earn more on average than those without college degrees. Additionally, education has been linked to greater levels of civic engagement, tolerance and empathy. Despite these individual and social benefits, for many Black and Latino-Hispanic individuals, higher education opportunities remain stubbornly out of reach. Read about Bank of America's $25 million commitment to help Black and Hispanic/Latino individuals acquire and improve job skills >
Meet Adesis, the small molecule chemist experts

Reliably and safely solving the toughest, most complex chemistry problems in partnership with our clients is the core purpose of Adesis. We specialize in organic and organometallic synthesis – in milligrams to multikilogram quantities – and provide expertise in early stage research, scale-up and development, and specialty manufacturing. We help clients accelerate their research and manufacturing goals. The vision began in 2004. Chemist Andrew Cottone, PhD, now leads Adesis with 110 highly qualified chemists, known and respected for their brilliance and an openness to collaborate and adapt. Read more >
Blue Blaze Associates
If you specialize in marketing and branding, the best way to show clients your potential is by how well you market yourself....The logo for Blue Blaze Associates makes a strong first impression, and their galloping blue horse is a memorable brand. The design also suggests some of the qualities of horses embodied in the marketing services they deliver for well-established as well as growing businesses – work grounded in loyalty, versatility, and perseverance. Read more >
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