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17 May 2023

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K.I.D. files petition to the U.S. Supreme Court

Notice of Special District Election

Water Supply Update

Drought Response Agency announces 2023 No Irrigation Program

Upcoming Events

Political Issues and News effecting the District


The petition to the Supreme Court signals a crucial juncture in the long-running dispute between farmers and the federal government over water rights in Oregon's Upper Klamath Lake. Over the past fifty years, the State of Oregon has remained dedicated to finalizing a comprehensive stream adjudication process to accurately determine ALL state and federal water rights in the Upper Klamath Basin. Throughout this process, the federal government and tribes have consistently contested Oregon’s authority to adjudicate their rights. However, over thirty years ago, the Ninth Circuit dismissed these challenges in United States v. State of Or., 44 F3d 758, 762 (9th Cir 1994), ruling that the McCarran Amendment (43 U.S.C. §666) waives the United States' sovereign immunity, allowing the State of Oregon to adjudicate all state and federal water rights, including those of tribes, in Oregon's Klamath Basin.


Read the full petition to the U.S. Supreme Court...


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Klamath Irrigation District will hold a special election for its patrons on 7 August 2023 to determine the right to accept the conditions of accepting a loan offer from the federal government.

As per Oregon Revised Statue 545.511, an election shall be held to determine the right to enter into an obligation or contract with the United States shall be authorized.

On 5 April 2023, the Department of the Interior announced that Klamath Irrigation District would receive $8.75 Million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation funding to address critical infrastructure needs. Recently Reclamation officials indicated that to receive this funding, repayment contracts (with interest) would have to be entered into by the District to indenture servitude of the lands served by the District for repayment as per Reclamation's authorities.

Available Funds:

Up to $50 million in BIL $ for the A Canal in a repayment with federal interests rates

$5 Million in BIL $ to provide engineering for the A Canal in a possible repayment contract if the improvements are made (mistakenly announced on 5 April as an investment).

$3.75 Million in BIL $ to address issues on the Upper C Canal (mistakenly announced on 5 April as an investment)

The funds and improvements are desperately needed to address the failing infrastructure; however, requiring the farmers to repay the investment in the nation's food security when the government cannot guarantee water to raise the funds to provide the repayment is not a solid business practice.

Details of the election and ballot measures will be drafted in the coming weeks.

Water Supply Update

Court Hears Klamath Water Case; Frustration with Lack of Plan for 2023 - Klamath Water Users Association

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 10, 2023 Contact Information: Moss Driscoll Director of Water Policy (541) 891-8836 [email protected] Court Hears Klamath Water Case; Frustration with Lack of Plan for 2023 A federal court heard arguments today on whether to issue a preliminary injunction limiting irrigation and wildlife refuge uses of water from the Klamath Project in...

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Reclamation has provided no significant update since 13 April 2023.

The stated availability of water from Upper Klamath Lake, with average precipitation, near 200% snowpack, flooding in the Sprague River, higher than minimum flows to the Klamath River, remains about 115,000 acre-feet shy of the estimated need to ensure irrigation water deliveries to the lands under contract for agricultural production with the federal government. This stated available supply for 2023 is less water than would have naturally evaporated off of Lower Klamath Lake before the development of the Klamath Reclamation Project.

It is highly likely that many agricultural acres will remain fallow, wetlands will remain weed-covered deserts, and our ecosystem will continue to collapse with the minimal amount of water suggested is available for agriculture producers who pay 100% of the cost to store water in Upper Klamath Lake.

The Northern District of California has ordered the federal government to issue a 2023 Operations Plan. Many anticipate the operations plan will be written in accordance with Reclamation's 2020 Interim Operations Plan as water is being released to the ocean above the amounts negotiated in the case Yurok v. Reclamation 2019. However, there is no indication that the minimum amount of water will be 285,000 as calculated in the plan model, nor that it will increase at all.

Klamath Irrigation District is currently operating in accordance with Oregon Water Law and its contracts. The District is taking water orders and delivering as per our Water Management and Delivery Policy available for review on our website.

Klamath Project Drought Response Agency

2023 KPDRA No Irrigation Program Is Open - Klamath Water Users Association

The Klamath Project Drought Response Agency (KPDRA) is currently accepting applications for its 2023 No Irrigation Programs to provide financial incentives to local farmers and ranchers who normally water through the Klamath Project to align water supply and demand. The application deadline is June 16, 2023 at 5 pm.

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Given the average precipitation, and well above normal snowpack, the Klamath Project Drought Response Agency has announced a 2023 No Irrigation Program.

2023 DRA Program Status:

The Klamath Project Drought Response Agency (KPDRA) is currently accepting applications to the 2023 Assistance Program - No Irrigation. Program policy and application documents can be downloaded on the right side of this webpage under the "File Downloads" tab. Applications may also be picked up in-person at any of the following locations:

(1) Klamath Irrigation District Office; (2) Tulelake Irrigation District Office; (3) Park and Ratliff (Downtown Klamath Falls); (4) Klamath Water Users Association (2312 South Sixth Street, Klamath Falls)

KPDRA staff will be hosting two public workshops to provide assistance in completing applications to the 2023 Assistance Program, the workshops will be help in person at the following dates/locations:

(1) May 23rd, 8AM - 2PM; Merrill Civic Center (Walt Wilson Hall); 365 W Front Street, Merrill

(2) May 24th, 8AM - 3PM; Klamath Water Users Association Office; 2312 South Sixth Street, Klamath Falls

Please continue to check this website for further updates and feel free to contact us at (541) 630-0752 or [email protected] to resolve any questions or concerns.

All official updates on this program are available at

Upcoming Events

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Klamath Project Water Users present motion in Klamath Adjudication claim 622 related to UKL elevations

The hearing on the water users motion to present non-record evidence relating to Upper Klamath Lake claims is tomorrow (Friday, May 19th) at 12:25 pm. 

  • Call-in number: 503-388-9555, with access code 2486 190 6979 ##.

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World Migratory Bird Day - USFWS

20 May 2023 from 10am - 4pm

Veteran's Park - Klamath Falls

Free event featuring a variety of outdoor arts and crafts such as building a bird house, bird identification for all ages, live music and stories, puppet shows, bird walks for everyone, and much more

Multiple-Day Birding Trip

9-11 June 2023

Klamath Basin Audubon Society

Klamath Marsh and Fort Klamath Areas

3 days with overnight stays

Email for more Information

Woodpecker Trip

1 July 2023

Klamath Basin Audubon Society

Locations TBD

All day

Email for more Information

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Division 10 Rulemaking Public Comments are DUE 22 MAY at 5pm

Division 10 Rules Public Hearing Dates have concluded. Oregon Water Resources Division will accept public comment on these rules through 5pm on 22 May 2023. Comments can be sent to [email protected] or directly to Kelly Meinz ([email protected]

Read K.I.D.'s Public Comments on the Division 10 Rules

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The May program of the Klamath County Historical Society is entitled THE MODOC WAR and the POLICY OF PEACE. It will be presented by Matthew Voelkel, curator of the Klamath County Museum. Join us for a discussion on the Modoc War in its national context as Matthew Voelkel discusses the impact U.S.

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Master Gardener's Annual Plant Sale

May 26 @ 8:00 am - May 27 @ 5:00 pm

Master Gardener’s annual Plant Sale

Friday and Saturday, May 26th and 27th. Come on by to see what they have at 6923 Washburn Way, in the greenhouse.

See the flyer...

Klamath Irrigation District June Board Meeting

8 June 2022, 1pm at the K.I.D. HQ

Visit our website for more information...

Klamath Water Users Association June Directors Meeting

14 June 2023 at 2pm in the KWUA Board Room

Read the KWUA May newsletter...

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Visit the KWUA website

2023 FCA Summer Social 11 August 2023 - Hood River

FCALogoForGreatNonprofits image

Join FCA for an evening of eats, drinks, and great company. Families welcome.

Guest are also encouraged to sign up for a tour of Farmers Irrigation District and their modernization projects.

Hotel room blocks have been reserved by FCA and are available to guests. Click the RSVP link for more details

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Oregon Water Law - 32d Annual

26-27 OCTOBER 2023


Seminar Link

News Affecting our District

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Two Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) cases were confirmed following Redmond event.

A horse from Umatilla County, OR, and a second horse from Modoc County, CA, recently tested positive for Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1). In both cases, after exhibiting neurologic symptoms, the owners called private veterinarians to examine the animals and collect samples for testing. Out-of-state laboratories later confirmed EHV-1 in both horses recovering from their illness.

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US Air Force F-15 ends up in canal after landing at Klamath Falls air field

A U.S. Air Force F-15D ended up in an irrigation canal Tuesday afternoon after coming in for a landing at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, the 173rd Fighter Win

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Wilsonart transfers water rights to Steen Sports Park - KOBI-TV NBC5 / KOTI-TV NBC2

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. - For years, Steen Sports Park in Klamath Falls has been battling water issues. Now, those issues are coming to an end. The non-profit said it's been struggling to keep the fields on its 140-acre property green and playable. The park said in recent years, their groundwater well and irrigation system started [...]

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Hay stocks near record low

May 1 hay stocks on farms in the continental U.S were down 13.4% year over year to 14.5 million tons, the second-lowest amount stored since records began in 1950, according to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. "A lot of that can be attributed to drought last summer," said Steve Hines, University of Idaho Extension educator in Jerome County.

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Inbreeding hinders population recovery among endangered Southern Resident killer whales |

While a scarcity of Chinook salmon and other environmental factors may be pushing the Southern Resident killer whales toward extinction, a new genetics study has revealed that inbreeding has been exerting a powerful, overriding influence upon the small, genetically isolated population.

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Calif. Tribe's Early Win Bid On Hold In Water Suit - Law360 UK

The Hoopa Valley Tribe will have to wait to seek a quick win in its suit challenging the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's management of California's Trinity River, a California federal judge has ruled, citing efficiency concerns in the "highly complex case."

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Klamath Tribes collaborates with other agencies to return Chinook salmon to Upper Klamath Basin

CHILOQUIN - There is a stir of excitement at the Klamath Tribes Ambodat Department with the first steps being taken to bring Chinook salmon back to their Klamath homeland. Recently, Shahnie Rich and Lottie Riddle, Klamath Tribal members and employees at Ambodat, joined a team of biologists and partners in tagging juvenile Chinook in order to study their downstream movement through the Upper Klamath Basin.

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Editorial: The Gordian knot at Klamath Lake

Finally, a judge who pays attention to the experts in charge of managing the Klamath Project. As a result, irrigators on the project's 200,000 acres can get to work tending their crops without an immediate worry about having water. U.S.

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The Interview: American farmers fight for their survival

Dr. César Vidal recently interviewed Elizabeth Jonasson (Public Affairs Representative, Westlands Water District) and Dan Keppen (Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance) about the importance of American agriculture and the challenges faced today by Western farmers, particularly those in California's Central Valley.

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How will salmon adapt after Klamath dams removed? Scientists are trying to find out

For more than a century, four hydroelectric dams along the Oregon-California border have cut off habitat to fish swimming up the Klamath River from the ocean. Now, researchers are in the midst of a project to learn how fish will use this ecosystem once the dams are removed.

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Congressman Bentz Questions Interior Secretary Haaland on Drought Relief for Klamath Basin

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, during a House Natural Resources Committee Budget Oversight Hearing on the Department of Interior's Spending Priorities and the President's Fiscal Year Budget 2022 Proposal, Congressman Cliff Bentz (R-Ont.)

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