Welcome to Cafe Cultura's
May 2014 newsletter! We're excited to keep in touch with you regarding our continued growth in fulfilling our mission. 

Caf� Cultura is an award-winning arts, culture, and youth development organization that promotes unity and healing among Indigenous peoples through creative expression while empowering youth to find their voice, reclaim oral and written traditions, and become leaders in their communities. 

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health and spirits.  This newsletter helps us keep you informed of our growth as an organization. Please review and support us in any way you can.  Feel free to find more updates and pictures on our Facebook (facebook.com/cafecultura), Instagram (instagram.com/cafeculturadenver), and Flickr (flickr.com/photos/cafecultura/sets) accounts.

Cafe Cultura's Open Mic w/ spoken word, food, art, vendors, & community!

Spread the word...Bring your family & friends!!!!!  




Note: Make sure to come early to sign up and get a good seat.

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

WHEN: 2nd Fri. of every month...May 9th...June 13th (@ La Alma/Lincoln Park Amphitheater)

--->Doors open w/ Vendors & Live Art @ 7pm
--->Show starts @ 7:45pm

WHERE: Denver Inner City Parish/La Academia (9th Ave & Galapago St)

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

$3 donation (nobody turned away)......Everyone is welcome!

May Features:
---->InVinity (Rhythmic Poetic Storyteller): "InVinity" Ford is multi-media story teller combining advocacy for marginalized communities with film, photography, and spoken word. Her work has taken her to stages of the 2011 Mama's Hip Hop Kitchen in New York and presenting at the 2012 National Association of Ethnic Studies conference in New Orleans. She is more widely known for her short film "LatinAsian: A Chinese and Puerto Rican Woman" which can be viewed on Youtube.
LatinAsian: A Chinese and Puerto Rican Woman
LatinAsian: A Chinese and Puerto Rican Woman

--->The Flava's are a group of eclectic performing artists developing their craft in the arts programs at SOAR elementary. These students share their art to inspire the inner artist in all of us. Please join us for a cultivation and presentation of the exchange of culture on a journey from America to Guinea West Africa and back again.

----->Live Art from Xitlallin Payan 
----->Community Feature: Native Lacrosse sponsors youth teams and organizes pick up games for the entire family.

For more info: info@cafecultura.org; 720-394-6589; www.cafecultura.org

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Save the Date: 
June 13 @ 6:30pm at La Alma/Lincoln Park Amphitheater
WHAT?: The ultimate showcase of our workshop participants from all of our sites (Denver Center for International StudiesSTRIVE Prep SMART HS, KIPP Denver Collegiate HSSTRIVE Prep Excel HS, Heart & Hand, Contemporary Learning Academy, La Academia @ Denver Inner City Parish, and College Track/Summit 54).

Excerpt from a STRIVE Prep Excel student:


A brown fist,

a cultural movement

fights for freedom

in the land of the free.

Women rise

from below the hands of a man.

The present generation


for a change they won't live to see.

Their secrets are told

through open windows,

broken families,

and missing fathers.

Mothers take the blows,

so their small ones don't have to.

Their sons go out to the streets

to support their mothers.

A change seems inevitable

but does not happen

due to the fear of the elite.

A revolution is near.

We just have to embrace it

with open arms.

We will have participant showcases for each of the partner schools/organizations soon. This will include sharing food, poetry, and community with participants' family, friends, and supporters. Make sure to follow us on facebook for the details of each one.

Make sure to read future newsletters for more updates.

To donate, visit www.fundly.com/cafecultura2014colfax

We are running to empower youth in finding their voice through our spoken word workshops (publication of books & community showcases from participants); donations are tax-deductible

Supporters of Cafe Cultura are running in the Colfax Marathon on May 17 & 18, 2014 to fundraise for our increased work in the community...specifically to conduct more spoken word workshops for youth. Help fund our workshops and support young people in telling their stories!

(visit issuu.com/cafecultura/docs/la_academia_speaks_electronic for an example of what the students produce)

Community members have said:

"They [Caf� Cultura] provide a format for youth to express themselves in a positive, creative manner...inspiring words of the next generation of Native Youth."

"My most memorable moment was going to a workshop...and finding something I didn't know I had inside."


You can also send a check to:

Cafe Cultura
1029 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204
We would like to invite you (yes, you) to join us for an appreciation dinner for those who have supported Cafe Cultura in some way. If you have volunteered, spoke highly of us in the community, donated money, participated in a workshop, ran (or will run) in the Colfax Marathon, attended one of our events, connected us with resources/people, read during an open mic, or even shared our status update, please make plans to eat with us.

Saturday, May 17th @ 5:30pm
1029 Santa Fe Dr

We will share some positive energy with our runners. The majority will be up very early on Sunday to run in the Colfax Marathon.

Please join us!

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Office: 1029 Santa Fe Dr Unit #6
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Basic Xpress Yourself Spoken Word Workshops for Youth

If you are interested in having Cafe Cultura present at your school or organization, feel free to contact us. Our basic version is a one time, 1 to 2 hour session. We have used this highly engaging and culturally relevant workshop structure for over seven years to encourage Chicana/o and Native youth to use spoken word to give voice to our stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration. They serve to supplement and support Language Arts/English curriculum. Workshop structure was designed by a spoken word artist with 4 years experience teaching at the middle and high school level with contributions from other poets and youth advocates. Click here for a detailed information sheet.
We're extremely excited to share a promotion video for these workshops (edited by Derek Brown...Chair, Cafe Cultura's Board of Directors).
Cafe Cultura's Xpress Yourself: Hip Hop, Poetry, & Spoken Word workshops
Cafe Cultura's Xpress Yourself: Hip Hop, Poetry, & Spoken Word workshops
As you step inside this workshop, you will learn how to express your thoughts and feelings through hip hop, poetry, and spoken word. Give voice to your stories of love, struggle, injustice, and celebration. With our words, we can represent our culture(s) and tradition(s) as we strengthen our minds.

WHEN: Saturdays in 2014 (May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20) 
TIME: 11:00 to 12:30pm

WHERE: Cafe Cultura Office (1029 Santa Fe Dr)

Questions: 720-394-6589; info@cafecultura.org

Exciting Updates

Thank you to everyone who joined us in April for another inspiring open mic brought to you by Caf� Cultura. Special shout out to 1) those who were brave enough to get on the mic 2) our features Diego FlorezPanama Soweto, & Journey Through Our Heritage for sharing your passion and words 3) Jose Mares for blessing us with your art 4) Newi De tekap (Peoples Bread in Shoshone) for the delicious food! (visit our flickr set for more).

-We were honored to have been selected for the 2013 Mayor's Award for Excellence in Arts & Culture (Youth Arts). Here is the video they produced for us: 
2013 Denver Mayor's Awards for Excellence in Arts and Culture - Youth Arts Award: Caf?? Cultura
2013 Denver Mayor's Awards for Excellence in Arts and Culture - Youth Arts Award: Cafe Cultura
-Performances/shows from Cafe Cultura Collective members: If you want us to host an open mic featuring our spoken word artists, contact us ASAP. Funds will go to sustaining our organization and the work we do in the community (especially our workshops for youth).
-Feel free to visit our website
often for updates (click on the image).
Internships w/ Cafe Cultura!


If you are interested in helping build our organization while gaining valuable experience and making connections in the community, below are the unpaid internship positions we hope to fill ASAP.


Development Intern: provide assistance in organizing activities that will lead to the growth and development of our organization. This includes being involved with implementation of strategic plan, fundraising, and engaging Board of Directors. 

Click Here for Development Intern Job Description


Communications Intern: help in coordinating effective and efficient communication within the organization as well as with the community. In addition to internal communications, this person will focus on promotion and documentation of our programs. 

Click Here for Communications Intern Job Description 


Programs Intern: be actively involved in planning and carrying out programs including events, workshops, and our youth leadership program.

Click Here for Programs Intern Job Description