FALL 2018
Source of Advent Devotions : Habitat for Humanity International

Prayer during week one: In this time of preparation to celebrate the birth of Your Son and the peace on earth that was announced to the shepherds, help us to see even more clearly how our work at Habitat can bring restoration and hope. Give us a spirit of wisdom and understanding so that all we do brings glory to you. Amen.

Prayer during week two: Dear Lord, please help me to trust You to work through me. Do not let me be intimidated when I consider my own limitations. You have an amazing plan to work in the lives of those around me, and I desperately want to be an important part of Your work. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and Your strength and power to follow You, even when I’m nervous about doing so. Thank you for always loving me and taking care of me. Amen.

Prayer during week three: Beloved Father, You have come to us as a newborn child. We see your face in those who hunger and thirst, in the frail, the lonely, the sick, those who live in fear, those who suffer, those who mourn, those behind prison walls and those without adequate clothing and shelter on these cold nights. As we watch and wait for you, we are filled with hope. Amen.

Prayer during week four: Dear and gracious God, might you always enable us to present Your message as if we were the shepherds in the fields. Let us not fear the tasks ahead or even Your power to work through us as you find us. Illuminate Your mission for us and bring us, and all we serve, to the “manger” of understanding and love. Amen.
How can you express God's love in action?
Volunteer. Allow us to speak to your congregation. Make a financial contribution. Pray for our mission and our projects.
St. Margaret's panel build a great success!
St. Margaret's had a great turnout for the recent panel build, as you can see from this picture!

Those walls (from the panel build) were raised at Kathryn's house in Havre de Grace on December 12th ( see below) .
Representatives of one of the major sponsors, The Dresher Foundation, attended, as well as St. Margaret’s Parish. City of Havre de Grace reps also attended, along with a staff member representing U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. 
Volunteers needed for newest build!
We're excited to announce the start of a brand new project in Havre de Grace! We're going to start on Kathryn's home ( see related story, above ) and three duplexes, all on the same lot. We need help! Sign up today!
The congregation at Wilna Seventh Day Adventist Church recently donated food for Thanksgiving to some of our Habitat homeowner and Repair Program families. As this issue goes to press, a toy collection is also being donated by the church to some of the children of our Habitat homeowner families. Thank you for the many blessings you've given these families this year!