Facebook Executive Briefing Center
 Renovation of approximately 25,000 sq. ft. which includes demonstration areas, training 
and media rooms, micro-kitchen and reception/lounge areas.

Facebook's new Executive Briefing Center was built to showcase leading-edge technology and to host a wide array of clients, customers and partners. SC Builders worked closely with Mithun architects to complete this vision inspired by Facebook's "hack" credo. The space makes use of a combination of interventions both high-tech (such as programmable screens) and low-tech (such as operable garage doors that allow spaces to be connected). The goal is for this hands-on, customizable, immersive environment to engage people in collaboration, exploration and storytelling.  It offers a constantly shifting canvas where Facebook will build sales, host events and share visionary ideas, prototypes and new methods of working with their customers.  

Meet #jessiethepacer 

#jessiethepacer is part of Facebook's Instagram promotional campaign to introduce a new media feature. This 1977 AMC Pacer--"Jessie"--was driven cross-country, as documented by the photo montage behind it. SC Builders is proud to have helped coordinate getting "Jessie" settled in as part of this photo-op installation in the Executive Briefing Center, where visitors can pose for a Polaroid photo that automatically uploads to Instagram, and is then viewable by a search to that hashtag.

Photos by Jasper Sanidad

910 Thompson Pl., Sunnyvale, CA | 109 Stevenson St., 3rd Flr. San Francisco, CA