Dear Friends,

"Get Involved" Sunday is almost upon us! As the Time and Talent sign-ups for service in ministry at St. Paul’s are being prepared, I have been thinking about the wonderful offerings of faith, commitment, and love with which we are blessed. It is a rich tapestry of individuals living out their faith at church, at home, and in the workplace.

Individuals have been offering themselves in this very place for over one hundred and fifty years.

Just imagine how, in small ways and large, St. Paul’s congregation has contributed to the building up of the Kingdom of God: how many children of God embraced in baptism, how many prayers offered, how many lives touched and changed, how many individuals consoled and healed, how many people enriched and set free, how many hungry fed, how many children supported, how many sick tended, how many strangers welcomed in, how many gifts raised up and celebrated by the whole body, how many couples joined in marriage, how many laid to rest... how much love has been shown within these walls.

As we set out on another program year with all the distraction of so many demands and challenges, let us resolve to stay in touch with the kingdom . Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) reminds that “Each of us has a soul, but we forget to value it. We don’t remember that we are creatures made in the image of God. We don’t understand the great secrets hidden inside of us .”

Treasure yourself and treasure the shared experiences of faith as we walk together building the Kingdom of God.


The Reverend Susan N. Eaves
Connect with St. Paul's