Dear AYA Families,

It was a pleasure to welcome your children back to campus after winter break. Now with 2023 underway, we are excited to share some updates for the AYA school community. 

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our brand new AYA Atid (Future) Plan, which will communicate all of AYA's exciting developments in the coming months. You will begin to see this plan roll out in your email, around the school campus, on our social channels, and elsewhere, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

These changes can be summed up in one word: vision. While our school has faced challenges in recent years, this is the moment to create a vision for AYA’s future - together.

The Search Committee continues to proactively identify and engage with potential candidates to become our new Head of School. All of the candidates have a strategic fit with the school’s Modern Orthodox identity and come with decades of success in Jewish education. The vetting process is continuing and further interviews will continue in early January. As more progress is made, we will keep you updated.

As discussed above, we are launching a new plan at AYA that aims to reinvent the school and deliver a five-star experience for AYA students, teachers, and families. The Reinvention Foundation, which is backed by members of our community, has put forward a proposal focused on AYA’s transformation. This is following their extensive research over the last 19 months into best practices for revolutionizing Jewish day schools, elevating education, and improving school affordability. We look forward to sharing more about the goals and further details of the plan with the school community at a Town Hall meeting in the coming weeks. 

Enrollment contracts will be available before the end of January. Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year will be announced by mid-January.  Thanks to a subsidy from the Reinvention Foundation, we expect to avoid a material tuition increase, while simultaneously increasing our staff compensation to keep up with inflation.

This is a great time for our school, and we want every Jewish child and family in Dallas to benefit. We cannot do this without you. We are building AYA’s future together. Please share AYA’s story. Tell your friends, families, and community members that AYA’s future is strong. 

While we look forward to enacting some exciting changes at AYA, the core mission of AYA will always remain. We are coeducational, college preparatory, Zionist, Modern Orthodox, and welcoming to Jews of all backgrounds.

We are excited to begin building AYA’s Atid (Future) Plan - with you. Please be in touch if you have any questions.


David Radunsky

President, Board of Trustees