November 15, 2019
WEAC Region 3 represents public education employees in a large territory stretching from Florence to Port Washington,
and from Menominee to Washington Island.

Oostburg lets its teachers figure out what works best for Oostburg

Oostburg administrators, teachers and staff are quick to credit the district's dramatic improvements to a turnaround effort that was largely led by teachers like Region 3 members Tamala Szyman, top right and Curt Bretall, bottom right.

Attention K-12 Members & Non-Members -
Midpoint Ballot Counts will be announced on Monday, November 18!
Vote YES to Support Your Colleagues
Begins: Noon on Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Ends: Noon on Tuesday, November 26, 2019
The recertification vote is conducted via telephone or online voting. Please follow these steps to cast your anonymous ballot to show your support:
Directions :

V oters who choose to vote online do so by logging on to and following the on-screen instructions for online voting. Make sure you VOTE YES for recertification and submit your vote . Then CONFIRM your vote by selecting “yes” again.  Wait until you are informed that your vote has been successfully processed before leaving the site so that your vote is counted.

Voters choosing to call the recertification voting line dial:  1-866-458-9862 (toll free) anytime:
  • When prompted, confirm your identity by entering the first 4 letters of your LAST NAME, then the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. The image to the right above shows which letters are associated with the telephone keypad numbers;
  • You will then be asked “Do you want to continue to be represented by (the name of your current union) for the purpose of collective bargaining?”
  • When prompted, VOTE YES to recertify your union; after voting, STAY ON THE LINE. Do not HANG UP until you receive a “thank you” message. Otherwise your vote is simply not counted and therefore you will need to go back and vote again. The same is true for interrupted calls - you must repeat your call and vote again to be counted.  

Additional Information :
  • Your vote is secret;
  • All employees in a bargaining unit vote, not just union members;
  • The union needs to win 51% of all unit employees to recertify, which means that not voting is the same as voting no. Your colleagues need your support, so please vote YES.
  • Employees experiencing trouble using the telephonic or online voting system, can call 1-800-529-5218 during the hours of 10 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday.
  • If the prompt gives you the name of another local union, hang up and call WEAC Region 3 at 920-496-2440 or 800-472-5582.
  • If you have problems casting your vote, report the problem as instructed and report it to Region 3 at 920-496-2440, 800-472-5582 or email

Region 3 is planning a professional development conference for  Saturday, January 25th (In case it matters to you, this is a bye weekend between NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl!)  It will be the 2nd year of sharing best practices and learning new skills - - member to member!

Last year's conference included sessions such as "Mindfulness for Teachers and ESP," "GaGa for Google Classroom," "Special Ed. Law and Violent Student Behaviors," "Managing Student Behaviors," and "Beating Back the Bully Principal."

Now's the time for you to think about topics that YOU would be willing to present! Fill out the  Call for Proposals form  and help us fill the agenda for this great event.  Fun Fact: Presenters get a $200 stipend!
Comments from last year:

Very informative. Very relatable presenter. Thanks!!

This was great. I learned a lot and it was very helpful!

Got more out of this class than I have in all my other classes I have taken.
Member Benefits
Facing Financial Fears

Halloween may be over, but it doesn’t mean we don’t continue to face our own fears when it comes to our finances…like, have I saved enough for my future?
Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members.   
See the MEDIA RELEASE here along with links to:

Hello everyone,

There's so many exciting things happening these days! A membership drive in Chilton, the Certification elections happening in Pulaski, Peshtigo, and Gillett, and the Re-certification elections happening all over Region 3. A lot of locals have been building their power.

We say that a lot, "building union power," but what does that really look like?

Well these locals have been putting their ideas into action by upping their membership levels, strengthening their BR networks, and creating issue campaigns. Issue campaigns are an important opportunity for the union to be visible and for people to see the union working on issues they care about.

Who doesn't want to be part of that team?

A great opportunity to learn more about union mechanics is happening in April. Labor Notes is a weekend conference that draws labor activists from all over the world. It's a space to really dig in and learn how to put theory into action in your local. Region 3 will be offering some scholarships for members to attend. Be on the look out for more information in the future!

In Solidarity,

Kristin Lytie
Uniserv Director
Region 3 WEAC