Building Your  
Volunteer Dream Team 

A  TVNPA roundtable discussion and workshop

Join us as we explore how volunteers can improve an agency's reputation and become true ambassadors
of the organization's mission!
Thursday, June 11, 2015 
10:30am - Noon

Bankhead Theater Lobby
2400 First St.  
Downtown Livermore

Do you know someone who would like to hear about TVNPA programs and events? We invite nonprofit organization executive directors, staff members, board directors, volunteers, and members of the community at large to join us!

Please join us in thanking the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center for their generosity in providing meeting space this month for TVNPA's participating nonprofit organizations!

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance

Building Your Volunteer Dream Team

Thursday, June 11, 10:30 - Noon

Join TVNPA for a lively workshop focusing on one of the most valuable assets of a nonprofit organization: its volunteers.

This TVNPA training workshop will center on successful methods to create and manage a strong volunteer team. The session will also highlight how volunteers can provide significant value to an organization through their cost-effective services and enrich an organization by bringing in diverse view-points.

At the roundtable discussion, TVNPA will explore the role that volunteers play in an organization's overall success and give nonprofit professionals and volunteers an opportunity to exchange ideas addressing the practical and effective ways to build that "volunteer dream team."

We welcome you to bring your ideas, questions and experience with volunteers as we address a variety of concepts, including:
  • Creating a volunteer-centric culture
  • Being responsive to the needs of your volunteers
  • Exhibiting flexibility & avoiding volunteer overload
  • Developing the right incentives or connections for your helpers
  • Managing your volunteer program
  • Creating donors from volunteers
Roundtable moderated by:

Angie Carmignani
E xecutive Director, The Taylor Family Foundation
Christine Dillman
Director of Sexual Assault and Counseling Services, Tri-Valley Haven
Jo Loss
Executive Director, Volunteer Center of the East Bay

For more information, email Kathy Young, TVNPA Co-Founder

TVNPA's "It's More than a Treasure Hunt"
Grantmaker Panel Declared a Huge Success!

Members of over 110 nonprofit organizations attended TVNPA's first Grantmaker Panel to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply for and manage grant funding. Held last May at the Bankhead Theater, grantmakers, nonprofit executive directors, and their staff members and volunteers came together for a practical and inspiring discussion of how organizations and funders can partner to serve our communities and causes.

Within days after the event, TVNPA heard success stories of how funders and nonprofits had connected with each other, establishing the potential for future collaboration and funding. TVNPA would like to thank all of our panelists for their participation during the event and for their commitment to support and fund Bay Area nonprofits!

Do you have a success story from attending TVNPA's panel discussions and monthly meetings? Email us and share the good news of the benefits of being affiliated with the Ti-Valley Nonprofit Alliance!

TVNPA's Executive Team members and Grantmaker Panelists 
join forces to serve Bay Area nonprofit organizations!

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance
  Partnership | Collaboration | Community
The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance provides nonprofit organizations with opportunities to meet, collaborate and share resources, thereby strengthening each other as they work to achieve their missions.

The organization's philosophy is simply put: together, we're better. When local nonprofits succeed and thrive, the entire community is strengthened. The Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance supports nonprofit organizations located within the Tri-Valley and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Start-up funding is always appreciated; however, we are currently working towards applying for official nonprofit status with the IRS. Please consult a licensed tax advisor regarding charitable giving to TVNPA. 

To make a contribution or for more information about the organization, we welcome you to contact Co-Founders Kathy Young and Mony Nop or visit our website to learn more about the TVNPA