Bulk Fuel Purchases - Input Needed ASAP
The Governor’s Office has asked COST for input from towns on the following issue that was raised on Governor Lamont's call with municipalities last week.

Municipalities often pre-purchase fuel and diesel in bulk. Purchasing contracts include provisions that require any unused fuel to be liquidated at the end of the year at cost. Other contracts require the municipality to take possession of the fuel or relinquish the rights to the fuel.

To assist the Governor's Office in determining the magnitude of the problem, please let COST know ASAP:

1) If your municipality has purchased fuel or diesel in bulk and is affected by such contract provisions;
2) And if so, how many gallons of fuel/diesel do you have remaining and what is the estimated cost.

Thank you,
Betsy Gara
Tax Deferral/Low Interest Program
Interested in which towns have adopted a tax deferral program or low interest program or both? OPM has posted a list of towns and the programs they have established, which can be accessed here.

If your town makes changes to the program they have established, please advise Martin.Heft@ct.gov.
Neighborhood Assistance Act Deadline Extended
In recognition of the impact of COVID-19, the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) has extended, until July 31, 2020, the application deadline for municipalities to submit their locally approved Neighborhood Assistance Act project proposals to the agency.

“Municipalities are important partners in the success of the Neighborhood Assistance Act,” said Acting Revenue Services Commissioner John Biello. “This administrative relief, which is the result of feedback received from communities, will offer additional time to complete required application steps in these unique and difficult circumstances.”

The State of Connecticut awards up to $5 million dollars in tax credits to businesses that sponsor approved projects on behalf of a tax-exempt organization or municipal agency via the Neighborhood Assistance Act, which is administered annually by DRS.

In addition to the municipal deadline extension until July 31, 2020, DRS will accept municipal application documents electronically. A complete municipal application package, which includes evidence of a local legislative body’s public hearing and approval, and other required documentation, can be e-mailed to NAAProgram@ct.gov.

For more information, please see the DRS Notice.