Volume 06........... .November 09, 2021
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K-12 News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Ms. Glassie's CEO News & Notes email from October 22.

Important Dates
  • 11/11 Veterans Day, No School
  • 11/12 Thanksgiving Pie Sale Orders Due
  • 11/29 Home & School Association Meeting
More K-12 News
  • Infinite Campus Reminder: Please be sure to update your contact information in Infinite Campus. Didn't get an email about your IC Account? Check your inbox/spam for an email with the subject "User Account Activation." Still nothing? Email icsupport@newfoundations.org. Additional Infinite Campus Resources: NFCS Parent Portal Login // Video Instructions // Picture Instructions
  • NFCS Is Here to Help! If you live in a shelter, motel, or even doubled up with other people due to loss of housing for economic hardship, you may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act. If you believe you may be eligible, contact Ms. Davenny, School Social Worker, at 215-344-6410 x8 or mdavenny@newfoundations.org to find out what services and supports may be available!
  • NFCS is hiring! Help us spread the word by copying and pasting the blurb below on your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram). New Foundations Charter School is excited to announce that we are hiring for the following positions: K-8 Part Time Assistant Teachers, K-8 Long Term Substitute Teacher, HS Long Term Substitute Teacher, HS SPED Long Term Substitute Teacher, and K-12 School Nursing Manager to join our team! If you are interested, please apply here.
In Case You Missed It - Were you unable to join us for last week's Contact Tracing at New Foundations Presentation? No worries! Check out the recording and presentation slides below. Still have questions? Join our November HSA meeting on 11/29 for an additional chance to ask your questions.
K-8 News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Mrs. Unegbu's News & Notes email from November 05.

Important Dates
  • 11/16 Picture Retake Day
  • 11/18 Parent Teacher Conferences, 12:30pm-3pm, 5-7pm
  • 11/19 Parent Teacher Conferences, 12:30pm-3pm, 5-7pm
  • 11/19 Storybook Character Day
More K-8 News
  • Classroom Highlight: Last week, our students focused on building empathy by actively imagining how others feel during their Friday class meeting.
  • Student Highlight: Congratulations to our 8th grade Bulldogs of the Month:
  • Adam Purkot (8A)
  • Ava Sodos (8B)
  • Devin Ginter (8C)
  • Jasmin Coles (8D)
HS News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Mrs. Daly's News & Notes email from November 05.

Important Dates
  • 11/9-10 Senior Portraits
  • 11/10 NHS Induction
  • 11/12 We are Grateful Dress Down Day
  • 11/15 "Character Day"
  • 11/16 "Throwback 90s and 2000s Day"
  • 11/17 "We Wear Pink Day"
  • 11/18 "Twin Day/Dress Like a Teacher Day"
  • 11/19 "Color Day"
  • 11/19 Homecoming Dance
  • 11/18 Parent Teacher Conferences, 12pm-2:30pm (Mandatory Conferences Scheduled by Teachers) and 5-7pm
  • 11/19 Parent Teacher Conferences, 12:30pm-2pm
More K-8 News
  • Classroom Highlight: Ms. Segui's class had a guest appearance on Friday! Check it out below:
Athletics and Activities Corner
Our high school rock band has been in full swing this year. They are learning to play guitar, drums, piano, and practicing vocals in a group setting. We can't wait to catch a performance!

For a full list of all our activities please visit, https://www.newfoundations.org/activities
Bulldog Spotlight of the Week
Lily Winkis & Julian Felix

Lily Winkis and Julian Felix are both 9th grade students in Ms. Loranger's Honors English class. She wanted to shout them out because they each work extremely hard (A students), are dedicated, and are super focused in class. They are always eager to participate, and they submit excellent work.

Join us in celebrating Lily and Julian for their accomplishments!
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