Volume 07........... .November 23, 2021
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K-12 News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Ms. Glassie's CEO News & Notes email from November 16.

Important Dates
  • 11/23 Panorama Survey Due
  • 11/24 Half Day, Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/25-26 No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/29 Home & School Association Meeting
More K-12 News
  • Infinite Campus Reminder: Please be sure to update your contact information in Infinite Campus. Didn't get an email about your IC Account? Check your inbox/spam for an email with the subject "User Account Activation." Still nothing? Email icsupport@newfoundations.org. Additional Infinite Campus Resources: NFCS Parent Portal Login // Video Instructions // Picture Instructions
  • NFCS Is Here to Help! If you live in a shelter, motel, or even doubled up with other people due to loss of housing for economic hardship, you may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act. If you believe you may be eligible, contact Ms. Davenny, School Social Worker, at 215-344-6410 x8 or mdavenny@newfoundations.org to find out what services and supports may be available!
  • NFCS is hiring! Help us spread the word by copying and pasting the blurb below on your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram). New Foundations Charter School is excited to announce that we are hiring for the following positions: K-8 Part Time Assistant Teachers, K-8 Long Term Substitute Teacher, HS Long Term Substitute Teacher, K-8 SPED Teacher and K-12 School Nursing Manager to join our team! If you are interested, please apply here.
K-8 News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Mrs. Unegbu's News & Notes email from November 19.

Teacher Shout-Out: It has been an absolute mood-booster to be in Ms. Evelyn Shanks' ELA class this year. Not only is she providing structured group work for students to analyze character traits (with proof/evidence from the novel), she's pushing positive framing and growth mindsets throughout the entire lesson. Ms. Shanks has a beautiful balance of high behavioral expectations, joy and love, positive reinforcement, and a push for students to share their thinking.
HS News & Events
Please read through the important dates and information that was shared in Mrs. Daly's News & Notes email from November 19.

Mr. Keblish's Indirect Measurement Activity
Last week, Mr. Keblish's Geometry lesson went outside and applied their learning to find the height of objects not easily measured. Students used measuring tape, shadow length, and understandings of similarity and proportionality to calculate the height of the objects selected. Do you know the height of the Parking Lot Light or Electronic School Sign? If not, ask one of Mr. Keblish's Geometry students to share their findings!
Athletics and Activities Corner
As our winter sports begin, we wanted to congratulate all of the athletes and coaches who participated in our fall sports! Congratulations on the championships and achievements earned this fall.

MS Cross Country
Coached by Ms. Hackett and Mr. Simpson, and were SEPCAL champions.

MS Co-ed Flag Football
Coached by Mr. Alkins and Mr. Gonzales, and were PJAA SEPCAL semi-finalists. The following athletes were selected to play in the PJAA All-Star game: Sean Agdalene, Victor Adewole, Regina Baker, and Aaron Mensah.

MS Co-ed Soccer
Coached by Mr. Dever and Ms. Eichwald, and were SEPCAL champions. The following athletes were selected to play in the PJAA All-Star game: Bobby Chisolm, Devin Ginter, Vincenzo Harwood, Casey Hogan, Raphael Israel, James Zeslak.

HS Varsity Cross Country
Coached by Mr. Ouellette.

HS Varsity Boys Soccer
Coached by Mr. Prado, Mr. McDonnell and Mr. McCann. The following athletes were selected to play in the PJAA All-Star game: Ernesto Altomari and Michael Nugent.

HS Varsity Girls Soccer
Coached by Mr. Burke and Ms. Wright, and were PJAA champions. The following athletes were selected to play in the PJAA All-Star game: Riley Gurten, Leah Flade, and Emma Reynolds.

HS Varsity Girls Tennis
Coached by Mr. Shaffer and Mrs. Shaffer.

HS JV/Varsity Volleyball
Coached by Ms. Cantu and Mr. Voigt, and were PJAA champions. The following athletes were selected to play in the PJAA All-Star game: Laney Ferraro, Meghan Fitzgerald, Rachel Nicholson and Julianna Reppert.

For a full list of all our athletics please visit, https://www.newfoundations.org/athletics
Bulldog Spotlight of the Week
RAM Academy

Our Reading and Math (RAM) Academy is fully underway this year! Led by our Lead Interventionist, Mrs. Latoya Pearson and her team of Interventionists, students have the opportunity for extra support in reading and math. The following students were recognized for their achievements with RAM Academy:

Kyle Corcoran - 1st Grade
Kyle has been working so hard in Ms. Hackett's class and in RAM, and his recent benchmark shows significant growth! Way to go, Kyle! Keep up the great work!

Colton McDevitt - 1st Grade
Colton raised his STAR test score by 115 points. We are especially proud of your hard work! Keep it up!

Emma Bratt - 4th Grade
Emma has done an impressive job in RAM Academy and has learned 48 multiplication facts. Way to go, Emma! We are proud of your hard work!

Jonathan Robinson - 5th Grade
Jonathan is always eager to participate in group. He works hard to complete his work and encourages his peers. Jonathan is positive and kind and a pleasure to have in class.

MacKenzie Williams - 5th Grade
MacKenzie always goes above and beyond in class. She takes pride in her work and studies really hard. MacKenzie has received A's on all of her assessments in RAM thus far! Keep up the great work!

Isabella Frasch - 7th Grade
Isabella is a hard working student. As the RAM program has progressed, Isabella has been more willing to participate and ask for help when she needs it. She is also always willing to help out her classmates. Keep up the great work Isabella!

Jasmin Coles - 8th Grade
Jasmin has a positive attitude and a strong devotion to her academics. She is always attentive, cooperative and participatory. She successfully completed RAM. I know she will continue to do great things this year!

Jaydan Gonzalez - 9th Grade
Jaydan has come a long way in RAM. He maximized his time by setting appointment ands and placing his full effort in all his work He is now flourishing and actively participating in class and completing assignments.

Julieanna Hernandez - 11th Grade
Since day 1, Julieanna has been dedicated to improving her math skills. She has come in for help before school, after school, and extra days during study hall. This extra effort led to her getting a 102% on her midterm! Great job Julieanna! We're all so proud of you!

Join us in celebrating our students for their accomplishments!
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