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October 8, 2021
Volume 4
A Message From Your Principal
Dear Ross Families,

As the holidays approach, we in District 23 are again partnering with our fantastic PTO to offer you a chance to contribute to our students and their families in need this holiday season. The PTO is offering their gift card buying service early specifically for you to purchase gift cards (in $10 increments) for these families. Please see the flyer here, which has the link to indicate your donation amount; checks are made out to the PTO but given to your school's office, from where the PTO will pick them up. Checks are due to the office by Friday, November 5.

As we head into this weekend, please be reminded that we have a 3-day weekend as Monday is a day of non-school attendance for our students. We'll see everyone back on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Craig Curtis

P.S. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page that allows you to "View Entire Message".
Raving About Ross
Spectacular 2nd Graders
Second graders are learning about nouns.  Students in Mrs. Bennett's room went on a noun hunt to see how many nouns they could find in their classroom. They were amazed at all the nouns they could label.
Thriving 3rd Graders
This week, third graders are learning how to compare and contrast. They are using a Venn diagram to help them organize their thoughts.
Supporting Our Bulldogs
This week in Library classes, the Prospect Height's Public Library's Beth Klein and Mrs. Strachn introduced Monarch Award Books to the 2nd Graders and Bluestem Award books to the 3rd Graders.  The book introductions were kicked off with the reading of Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You! This book shines a light on all of our individual, unique qualities and teaches kids that while we might be different from one another, we can learn about each other and find how we are all similar too. 
Mrs. Klein did book talks for our Bluestem Award books. It's likely that students enjoyed this presentation and made a connection with at least one book they might want to read. Ms. Klein also talked to the students about the new PHPL and shared information on how to get a library card. 
Holiday Giving
As the holidays approach, we in District 23 are again partnering with our fantastic PTO to offer you a chance to contribute to our students and their families in need this holiday season. The PTO is offering their gift card buying service early specifically for you to purchase gift cards (in $10 increments) for these families. Please click on the flyer below which has the link to indicate your donation amount. Checks are made out to the PTO but should be sent to your school's office. Checks are due to the office by Friday, November 5.

Please note that this is not the same as the PTO's annual gift card fundraiser that allows you to purchase gift cards for yourself or your loved ones. That will follow this event. Watch for more on that from the PTO! 

As always, a big thank you to our incredible PTO partners and to YOU for your generosity! 
Bulldog Beliefs Expectations
At Betsy Ross, we pride ourselves on being respectful, responsible, and safe at school and within the community. Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which we call the Bulldog Beliefs, focuses on rewarding students for making positive choices and celebrating the successes we achieve as a team.

As you know, we've been earning Bulldog Bucks for following our Bulldog Beliefs expectations throughout the school day. Did you know that after the first month of passing out Bulldog Bucks we had 3,920 Bulldog Bucks cashed in for prizes from our Reward Menu? Here's how the rewards were disbursed: 297 trading cards were earned (10 Bulldog Bucks each), 31 students entered our raffle to earn a day with our bulldog stuffed animal for their classroom (20 Bulldog Bucks each), and 11 students took pictures with props to be added to the website (30 Bulldog Bucks each). Plus, I know a lot of students who decided to save their Bulldog Bucks for later in the year. We are extremely proud of the work our students are doing to show they're being respectful, responsible, and safe.

Recently, we also revealed our next Reward Menu to students too. I'm pretty sure it was a hit! Please feel free to take a look for yourself below.

Additionally, Betsy Ross students are also closing in on the goal for our Bulldog Beliefs Challenge. Our current challenge is raising a quiet hand and waiting your turn in class. Each classroom fills out a Google Form as a class and has a discussion about how they did toward this goal on Fridays weekly. Our goal is to earn a score of at least a "2" on the form 80% of the time. If we achieve our goal, we'll earn a school-wide Pajama Day at the end of our challenge. We're voting for the last time today and we have just about met our goal, which is set at 80%. We are currently scoring at around 99%. Keep up the great work, Bulldogs!
Second Step: Try This At Home

2nd Grade Families

Topic: We Can Change Our Thoughts
Summary: In this week’s lesson, your child will learn how to replace an unhelpful thought with a helpful thought so they can keep going when learning feels hard.
Try This at Home: Ask your child how they might change an unhelpful thought into a helpful thought. Encourage them by using helpful thoughts at home.

3rd Grade Families

Topic: Planning for Practice
Summary: In this week’s lesson, your child will work with a partner to make a practice plan that includes what they want to learn, how they will practice, and what they can do if they aren’t improving.
Try This at Home: Ask your child to tell you what a practice plan includes.
Upcoming Events

October 11: Non-Attendance Day (No School)

October 13: School Board Meeting (7:00 @ Eisenhower)

October 22: BPAC Family Engagement Event (6:00-7:00)

Oct. 25-Nov. 12: Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 29: Ross Halloween Parade ()

October 29: Halloween Parties (1:15-2:15)

November 11: PTO Meeting (7:00) (Location TBD)
District News and Updates
Important D23 Information
Weed Control Notification
Our goal to keep students in school can be supported by an optional screening and testing process currently being implemented within District 23.

Through a partnership with the Federal and State governments, the SHIELD Illinois program is now available to all schools in Illinois, free of charge.

This 3rd party laboratory analysis uses the SHIELD saliva-based test developed by the University of Illinois. More information can be found HERE.

We have launched weekly screening and hope to launch on-demand testing to monitor local community spread, identify presymptomatic or asymptomatic cases, and assist in making informed quarantining decisions. Testing has already begun across the district.

Participation is optional but requires parental consent. Please complete the form below if you are interested and willing to have your child participate in this program. More information and details will be shared as they become available.
Lunch Service Update
We are excited to announce that beginning October 18th, our foodservice partner, Organic Life will be offering a hot lunch option in addition to the featured cold entree option to all students at lunchtime. These lunch options are available at no cost to students. While our meal choices are still a bit limited, we are working on rolling out a third meal option in November!
PTO Update
A huge thank you goes out to the PTO for partnering with District 23 to sponsor our Family Movie Night Event at the end of September. The night was a huge success and a fun time was had by all who participated.

Language Adventures will be offering Online world language enrichment programs for students enrolled at Eisenhower (K-1st grade), Betsy Ross (2nd-3rd grade), and Anne Sullivan (4th-5th grade) starting the week of October 20th, 2021! Enrollment for Language Adventures Spanish Immersion classes will begin on September 23rd, 2021, and will close on October 18th, 2021 (or when all classes have reached their maximum number of students, 12 kids per class).
- Language Adventures requires a minimum of 8 students to run the class.
- Waitlists will be established if interest exceeds space in each class.
Classes will be held online on Wednesdays or Fridays using the Zoom platform.
To enroll or learn other information please click on the button below!
Please consider joining us for our PTO General Meetings. Here is a list of our future meeting dates:

  • Thursday, November 11th
  • Thursday, January 13th
  • Thursday, March 17th
  • Thursday, May 12th

If you'd like to check out our PTO website, please feel free to click here.
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