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November 5, 2021
Volume 6
A Message From Your Principal
Dear Ross Families,

Thank you to all of our families who have already engaged in conversations with their teachers and other staff members during their child's fall parent-teacher conferences. This time has been extremely valuable in establishing transparency and collaboration in regard to your child's ongoing learning at Betsy Ross. We appreciate your partnership in establishing communication that will benefit your child's education now and in the future. If you have not yet met with your child's teacher, we highly recommend you do so. Conferences are a great time for us to connect with families, share the ways children have grown during these first months of the school year, and offer suggestions to help you support your child as they continue their journey of learning and growth.

Within this volume of our newsletter, you will find information about:

  • Halloween Festivities
  • Veterans' Day Celebration
  • Bulldog Belief Honorees
  • Classroom Updates
  • Weather Reminders
  • Parent Coffees
  • Shield Testing
  • PTO Updates

I also want to remind parents to follow our school's Twitter page at @D23Ross for a look into what's happening in all of our classrooms and Betsy Ross School as a whole. You'll definitely see that we have #RossPride and we're #Proud2BD23!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Craig Curtis

P.S. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page that allows you to "View Entire Message".
Raving About Ross
Spectacular 2nd Graders
Students in 2nd grade have been working on adding and subtracting using varying strategies. In this picture, Mrs. Rollefson's students use whiteboards to solve problems individually by adding up.
Thriving 3rd Graders
Third graders have been learning about fossils! They explored how fossils can show us how a habitat has changed over time. Then, they did a model fossil dig to determine what certain habitats looked like when these organisms were alive! Pictured here, student a student in Ms. Sullivan's class works on her fossil project.
Supporting Our Bulldogs
Ross students were working on throwing in Physical Education class this week. They were playing one of their favorite games "Sink the Ship".
Bulldog Beliefs Expectations
At Betsy Ross, we pride ourselves on being respectful, responsible, and safe at school and within the community. Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which we call the Bulldog Beliefs, focuses on rewarding students for making positive choices and celebrating the successes we achieve as a team.

As you know, we've also been earning Bulldog Bucks for following our Bulldog Beliefs expectations throughout the school day. During our last Rewards Menu cycle, students had the opportunity to trade their Bulldog Bucks in for rewards. More than 175 students received trading cards (10 Bulldog Bucks), over 55 students received homework passes (20 Bulldog Bucks), over 30 students ate lunch with Dr. Curtis (30 Bulldog Bucks), and more than 20 students watched a movie (40 Bulldog Bucks). Did you know that, in all, more than 5,500 Bulldog Bucks were traded in? We are extremely proud of the work our students are doing to show they're being respectful, responsible, and safe.
Bulldog Beliefs Special Honorees
Keep reading below to see a list of bulldogs being recognized for their ability to follow Bulldog Belief expectations over the past month. This list includes students who traded in at least 40 Bulldog Bucks during our previous Rewards Menu, which is also shown below.
Weather Reminder
As we move into the cooler months, please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Elementary students have outdoor recess whenever possible. Students perform better when they get outdoors, even if only for a few minutes. We follow the recess guidelines below:

  • Outdoor Recess: 10 degrees F and higher (including wind chill)
  • Inside Recess: below 10 degrees F (including wind chill)
When the weather turns snowy, students must have boots, gloves, and snow pants to play in the snow. Those who don’t must stay on the blacktop area. Parents should assist children in preparing and wearing appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. 
Ross/Sullivan Parent Coffee Event
We would like to thank all of the parents who came out to spend a few minutes of their morning with us learning about "Bullying vs. Social Conflict". The opportunity provided us some time to inform parents about an important topic in our schools as well as receive input and field questions about the topic. We appreciate the time everyone took out of their busy schedules to learn more about the topic.

If you were not lucky enough to join us for the event, that's okay too. We would still like to share our presentation with you, so please take a few minutes to review the presentation below on your own when you have a moment. In addition, please consider joining us for one of our remaining Parent Coffee events that will take place this school year. We have not yet chosen a topic for these events but will announce the topics closer to the event. We look forward to seeing everyone out at our next event as we partner with you to make Betsy Ross and Anne Sullivan Schools the best learning environments possible. Please consider joining us at one of our future dates!

  • Wednesday, January 19th (6:30-7:15 PM)

  • Wednesday, April 13th (3:30-4:15 PM)
Halloween Festivities
A huge thank you goes out to all of our parents who volunteered their time and planned such creative and engaging activities during Halloween for our Ross students. Our bulldogs had a blast at their parties and you guys definitely outdid yourselves in your planning. Thank you for all of your hard work! Click below for your own peek into our Halloween parties.
Upcoming Events

Oct. 25-Nov. 12: Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 9: PTO Dining Night Out (5-9 PM @ Chipotle)

November 10: School Board Meeting (7:00 @ Eisenhower)

November 11: PTO Meeting (7:00) (Location TBD)

November 12: Trimester 1 Grades Close

November 19: Report Cards Go Home

November 22 - 26: Thanksgiving Break (No School)
District News and Updates
Important D23 Information
Veteran's Day Update
Veterans Day is right around the corner, and this continues to be one of the most important recognition and educational moments for students in the District. This year, we will again join with our veterans in the Village of Mount Prospect's Veterans Day celebration, which will be streamed live (and available for viewing after) on Veterans Day itself, Thursday, November 11. Students at MacArthur will be making multiple contributions to this celebration, including music pieces from all their musical groups and the speech "Origin of Veterans Day," delivered by two of the 8th-grade leaders, Alaina Costello and Makayla Schmitt. This event will be watched in all MacArthur Social Studies classes. 

Please feel free to watch the event yourself. (The whole program is about one hour.) You will find the information below. Also, if you know of a veteran, please pass along to them too, as the time and energy here from the veterans, the Village of Mount Prospect, surrounding schools, and us here in District 23 are all acts of deep appreciation meant to honor all of our veterans, in this community and beyond.

Live stream, starting at 10 a.m. live on cable channel 17 on Comcast or WOW https://www.mountprospect.org/departments/village-administration/mount-prospect-digital-communications

Watching afterward, starting after 12 p.m. the same day: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOsrPzT_9EIvucUQgghOKbg/
Our goal to keep students in school can be supported by an optional screening and testing process currently being implemented within District 23.

Through a partnership with the Federal and State governments, the SHIELD Illinois program is now available to all schools in Illinois, free of charge.

This 3rd party laboratory analysis uses the SHIELD saliva-based test developed by the University of Illinois. More information can be found HERE.

We have launched weekly screening and have now also launched on-demand testing to monitor local community spread, identify presymptomatic or asymptomatic cases, and assist in making informed quarantining decisions. Testing has already begun across the district.

Participation is optional but requires parental consent. Please complete the form below if you are interested and willing to have your child participate in this program. More information and details will be shared as they become available.
PTO Update

Another huge thank you goes out to all of our parents who volunteered their time and planned such creative and engaging activities during Halloween for our Ross students. We couldn't have done it without you!

The D23 Parent Teacher Organization has partnered with Chipotle located at 102 E. Kensington Rd. Mount Prospect on Tuesday, November 9th from 5:00 PM-9:00 PM. Don't forget to mention D23 when you order and grab your favorite Mexican dinner treats whether to dine at home or in between events! Or call ahead and order to-go at 847-483-5033!
Please consider joining us for our PTO General Meetings. Here is a list of our future meeting dates:

  • Thursday, November 11th
  • Thursday, January 13th
  • Thursday, March 17th
  • Thursday, May 12th

If you'd like to check out our PTO website, please feel free to click here.
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