Bulldog Spotlight--
Meet Tonka Justin

My name is Tonka Justin and I am 5 years old. All the way to rescue, our mom cried. She was not sure she was going to get out of the car so we could say our goodbyes. My mom has a scrapbook of me from the day I was born until they placed me in her arms when I was 8 weeks old. It was love at first sight.

We have been a close family: my mom, my dad, my friend Maizy and me. And then guess what happened? A real skin sister moved home with twins and wow, we didn’t see that coming.

The babies, the toys, the constant babies in motion… Really, we just felt scared. They were so little, and I am so big. They would get close ~ too close for me. They would ride their toys up and down the hall and I was like, “Hello, do you see me?” So for everyone’s safety, I made the trip to join rescue—and to some peace and quiet.

I met my human brothers and they love me. I have to say, the feeling is pretty mutual. We like to play tug-of-war together. They are pretty good at it, but I always win. Foster mom has taken me on a few short walks and says I’m a pro at walking on a leash.  

When I’m not out for a walk or playing with my human brothers, I love to lounge around the house. There are so many good lounging spots that I can’t pick a favorite.  

And don’t let my size fool you. I’m as sweet as they come. I surprised Foster Mom one time with a big, juicy kiss. She wiped it off right away, but I could tell she loved it. And I snuggled up right next to her to go to sleep one night. My stuffed polar bear and I could get used to it here, at least until I find my furever family.

With the weather being so nice lately, I like to sit on the back patio and enjoy the scenery. My bulldog sister still tries to get me to play a lot. She just barks and barks at me, but I ignore her and go back to sleep or back to chewing on my polar bear.

I also discovered I am a part-time dishwasher seeking long term employment.
Strengths: Gives a good pre-clean lick before the dishwasher does the real work; will lick any dish, anytime no matter what’s been on it.
Weaknesses: Requires frequent breaks, naps and ear scratches.
References available. Serious inquiries only.

For more information on Tonka Justin, check out his page on our website.