February 28, 2021
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Youth and BOW camps - deadline extended!
We're extending our deadline for sponsorship requests for the Narrow Lake Youth Conservation Camp and Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) camps this summer.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ashleigh Emerson at youth@spfga.ca before March 15. In your email, please introduce yourself and tell us why you would like to go to camp.
Shout out to our sponsors
Efforts have been underway to secure sponsors for our Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series (ORPS) matches. At the moment, P&D Enterprises in Edmonton and Gong Joe in Quebec have stepped up to provide prizes for our participants.

We wanted to take a moment of recognition of these partners and thank them for their generosity! We'd also like to thank Jordenne Prescott for the generosity of her time in organizing and running our ORPS series matches.
SPFGA-branded apparel now available!
SPFGA-branded apparel is now available on our Entripy store front: https://spfga.entripyshops.com/.

There's a broad range of T-shirts, hoodies, hats, toques, sweatshirts, etc. - head on over and have a look around!

This is something started based on requests from members just like you. So, now that we've launched and you've had a chance to look around, please let us know at memberservices@spfga.ca what you think.
Correction: 1 MRAD = 10 cm at 100 m
In the article Sighting in your optics on page 19 of the Winter 2021 issue of Range of Thoughts, we spotted a typo.

We'd said initially that one MRAD was 1 cm at 100 m. A sharp-eyed member contacted shortly after this issue had gone out and pointed out the error. One MRAD is of course 10 cm at 100 m. We've corrected it in the online version since, but thought we'd mention it just to make sure the corrected information had gotten out.
Active on social media? We need you!
We've got the start of a club presence on Twitter and Instagram but really need the help of a volunteer or two to really build our activity on them.

If you'd like to help create and share content that resonates with the conservation, environmental, and sports shooting-related part of our mission statement, please contact Roland Coppens, Communications Director at communications@spfga.ca.
What's Your Thought?
What's Your Thought? is a regularly-running poll where you're able to share your thoughts with us.
This What's Your Thought? polls your opinions about a bit of surprising & somewhat disappointing news we've received. (This is a long read, but an important one. Please bear with us and follow it through to the poll at the end.)
Last October, facing a fairly dire financial situation, the Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) asked for an increase in their affiliation fees. We (the SPFGA Board) came to you seeking ratification of an increase to our own fees that included support of that. We recommended that you vote to approve this increase, based on our understanding that each of us was also an AFGA member.
It looks like that understanding was mistaken.
Recently, the AFGA reviewed its various governance documents and its Governance Committee has recently made a recommendation to its board, clarifying the question 'Who is a member of the AFGA?'
Recommendation 1.1 below was accepted at the AFGA's February 17 meeting of their Board of Directors:
So what does this mean? That recommendation clarifies that SPFGA members are not actually members of the AFGA. This came as a surprise to us, as we had previously believed we were and based our recommendation to support the AFGA on that understanding. Instead, the AFGA understands that it is the SFPGA itself that is the member and that SPFGA members are not, meaning that each of us has no entitlements at all. Any benefits extended to our members are done on a voluntary basis only...
The AFGA’s board has indicated they understand that is problematic and requires work. Well, some of them have. You see, we have received troubling indications that despite everything that has transpired with them, some members of the AFGA's Board still disagree that sweeping change is required.
Clearly, this is very concerning to us. We extended a good deal of support to them on your behalf, so learning that they view this support as coming from people they do not even consider members, and that their Board is not united in concern about that fact, is exceptionally troubling to us. During discussions about the fee increase, you gave us a clear mandate to ensure that the AFGA lived up to their promises, and we are doing our best to ensure they take that as seriously as you do.
OK, so what can we do about this? We believe it is necessary to send a strong message. One such message might be to simply not affiliate with the AFGA for 2021, and affiliate instead with an alternate partner that is consistent with our Mission Statement. We expect that this would provide the AFGA's entire board the necessary motivation to change. Then, through 2021, we can continue to revisit this with them to ensure that they're moving in the right direction.
But wait, didn't we ask you for a bunch more money for the AFGA? What happens with that? Affiliation fees with a comparable organization would be in line with the amount the AFGA increased to, so we wouldn’t expect much of a difference. But if there is a difference, we would come back to you to seek guidance how to handle that difference.
Does this mean we're parting ways with the AFGA? No, it doesn't. This simply means that if we did this, we wouldn't be affiliated with them this year. We would however maintain open lines of communication and base the go-forward decision for 2022 on a demonstration of commitment to change. 
Why do we need to affiliate with anyone at all? Currently, your individual excess liability insurance, without which we would not be able to operate our facility with, comes through affiliation. There are alternative options, but this is a simple and generally cost-effective choice. More than just insurance though, affiliation also lets us leverage external partnerships to meet and expand our reach on other aspects of our Mission Statement.
So, in this What's Your Thought? poll in this issue of Bullet Points, we're asking you for a general sense of direction based on this concerning new information. We will include your feedback during our March Board meeting discussion, so timely responses are important.
Please tell us which direction you feel we should take in 2021, based on this new information.
Affiliate with a different partner this year.
Maintain affiliation with the AFGA.
I don’t feel qualified to answer, but trust that you will find a solid path.
I have a different suggestion. I will email it to info@spfga.ca.
The Last Thought
In the February 12 edition of Bullet Points, we polled your thoughts about our Annual Awards Night, which we celebrate each spring.

We received only 42 responses to this poll, a bit of a surprise as this is less than a quarter of our typical poll volume. In summation, the majority (80%) of members reported being aware of this event while just less than a third (32.5%) indicated that the event is relevant to them. In their responses, members expressed a readiness to explore new directions with this event. This feedback has been forwarded to the event's planning committee chair to help guide them in their plans.
These Did You Know? articles were suggested by you as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explain their reasoning.

Did you know that the full text of the Facility Rules can be accessed using the QR code on the signs in the range sheds and throughout the property?

You can also access a printable copy of the rules on this page too. We've put a printed copy of these rules in a binder on the facility too - you can find them in the kiosk where the first aid kit and lost and found box are located between the Big Bore and Rimfire range sheds. Your use of hand sanitizer before and after handling the binder is appreciated.
Discussion Group
Please come and join our members-only Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse, a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!
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