May 14, 2020
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(Sorry for all these emails but we figured you'd want to hear this right away...)
SPFGA Advocacy Measures
In our May 12 open letter to you, we hinted at advocacy steps we were taking against the Liberal government's May 1, 2020 Order in Council (OiC).

We are happy to announce the specifics of these steps.

We invite you to join us and make your feelings known to all three levels of government local to you as well.
Donation to the CCFR
In the January 31 edition of Bullet Points, we asked if we should increase our donation to the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) to $10,000 to meet the challenge put forward by the Canadian Historic Arms Society (CHAS). Just under 70% of respondents indicated support for this.

At the May 12 meeting, the Board took up that challenge, as well as substantial additional steps regarding our club's funding support of firearms rights advocacy, unanimously approving:
  • an annual $10,000 donation to the CCFR;
  • the donation of all proceeds of law enforcement organization use of our facilities to the CCFR;
  • an additional one-time donation of $10,000 in support of the CCFR's charter challenge

This means that we will be donating at least $20,000 this year on your behalf to fight this emotion-based overreach on your firearms rights.
Joined the Collaborative Response
We have added our voice to that of fifty other associations, federations, clubs, and institutes across Canada in a collaborative response to what is, quite simply, a comprehensive attack on our community.

In this, we join in solidarity with the Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) and the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS).
Reversed Our Holster Ban
Beyond tired with our rights being chipped away by others, it felt fitting that we set our own house in order on this.

At the May 12, 2020 Board meeting, the SPFGA executive voted unanimously to reverse the existing ban on holster use.

The Facility Rules have been updated to reflect the changes this has created, and we will be updating you later this week through a Safe and Sound email announcement as to the specific details.
Additional Things You Can Do
1. Make donations on your own to support the various firearms rights advocacy organizations in Canada: CCFR, CSSA, NFA

2. Sign the e-petitions currently in circulation calling for respect for Canada's democratic processes:

Petition e-2582 is particularly worthy of note: it was initiated by Fort Saskatchewan resident Emile Saurette and sponsored by Garnett Genuis, MP for Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan.

(Remember: these e-petitions are all two-step matters, requiring confirmation by email in a separate step afterward.)

3. Write, call, or visit your MP, your MLA, and your own town/city council to share your thoughts. This often seems pointless, but when thousands of eligible voters do it, it sends a strong message politicians have a keen ear for.
Why are we doing all of this? Aren't we a conservation organization?
This is something we hear from time to time.

Yes, it's true - we most definitely are a conservation organization. Conservation exists at the heart of who we are, forming the first two statements in our mission statement:
To promote through education, lobbying, and programs the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife resources, the protection and enhancement of habitat, and the safe and responsible practice of the shooting sports.

Being a conservation-centric organization doesn't mean we aren't also an organization supporting firearms rights and defending the shooting sports. The two go hand-in-hand in our mind, one inseparable from the other.

As such, we oppose this recent prohibition of 1500+ firearms, which includes shotguns with removable chokes and rifles designed for hunting and the sport of long-distance shooting, the far-reaching effects of which touches all segments of the hunting and sport-shooting community. Whether you a hunter, a trap shooter, or a sport shooter, we recognize that the OiC affects you personally.

Once again, we want to remember that an amnesty is in place for two years and that a lot can happen in that time.

Of course, always make sure that you are in compliance with the law, but we recommend not surrendering your firearms until the end of the amnesty period and all legal avenues have been exhausted.

Thank you.

- SPFGA Board