May 21, 2021
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A few 'good neighbour' reminders
As we move further into spring and warmer weather, activities are picking up & more members are coming out to the property. A few 'good neighbour' reminders are timely, as we all need to be considerate of others.

When travelling up Range Road 203 (the road to the gate), please be mindful of your speed. Watch for traffic exiting driveways, as well as for pets. pedestrians, and other animals.

Be mindful of our range hours, currently 9 am to 8 pm daily for firearms ranges and until dusk on the archery range.

If out camping, please be considerate with noise levels and with firewood use.

As always, dogs are welcome on the property. The exception is on the ranges, where they are not permitted - a pooch slipping free and running onto a live range would bad. Dogs must always be leashed at all times while on the property.
Narrow Lake 2021 youth camps cancelled
The Narrow Lake Conservation Center recently posted an update on their Facebook page, announcing that due to the current public health restrictions and the uncertainty they create that their youth camps are being cancelled this year.
Clarification about the Black Powder Trail
In our May 19 Safe and Sound email while discussing our COVID Mitigation Plan, we stated that the entire property was open. This has understandably raised questions because the Black Powder Trail is currently closed.

The statement we were making during that discussion was that the only amenity closed by pandemic precautions is the clubhouse. Other amenities may be closed for other reasons, however.

So, to clarify and remove confusion - the Black Powder Trail remains closed. This trail is a firearms range and, like our other firearms ranges, it requires certification by the CFO to be open for use. In April, we performed work to address the deficiencies previously identified by the CFO. Documentation for these changes have been submitted to the CFO's office and we are awaiting word regarding approval. Until such time as the CFO has once again recertified it, the Black Powder Trail remains closed and cannot be used for shooting.
June 5/6 Black Powder Shoot Cancelled
Because the Black Powder Trail remains closed as mentioned above, and because of the uncertainty regarding gatherings due to public health restrictions, the Black Powder shoot previously scheduled for the weekend of June 5 & 6 has been cancelled.

Hopefully, with recertification of the trail and easing of public health restrictions, this event can be rescheduled to a later date in the summer.
Photographers needed!
Amateur shutterbugs - we need your help! We need high quality photos of specific things and areas of the property and would like to enlist your aid to capture them.

The timing of the greenery on the property is reaching a 'just perfect' state - lush but not yet overgrown - and we'd like to take the best advantage of this fleeting window.

If you'd be interested in taking some photos for us over the next couple of weeks, please contact Roland Coppens at
No smoking or vaping on the trails
We have long had rules restricting smoking and vaping in various places on the property. For a variety of reasons including fire prevention, this has been extended to our trails as well.

Effective May 11, 2021, the Facility Rules have been updated to reflect that no vaping or smoking of any kind is permitted in or on:
  • the shooting sheds
  • the clubhouse
  • the 3D archery trail
  • the hiking trails
  • the black powder trail.
Able help us with some typing?
We have a long legacy document in print that we need rendering into electronic form and would like to enlist your aid.

Scanning and OCR isn't really a solution in this instance because of the challenges that is introducing. Simply retyping it will be actually be less work in this case.

So, if you've got some time to take a page and type it out into Word or Google Docs for us, please contact Roland Coppens at
Project Mapleseed at SPFGA
SPFGA is proud to be hosting a number of Project Mapleseed events in 2021. (What is Project Mapleseed? Check it out here.)

Registration is open now at the links below:

July 25 - Sold Out

For COVID physical-distancing precautions, these events are limited to a maximum of 7 participants.
Important reminder: COVID prevention
Our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan can be found on the website.

Please ensure you read, know, and follow these measures when visiting the facility.

Of particular note:
  • the entire facility remains members-only, no guests are currently permitted on the property
  • except when on the firing line, a mask covering the mouth and nose must be worn when unable to physically distance 2 m from other members you do not live with, no exemptions are accepted*
  • regularly sanitize your hands and disinfect common-touch surfaces

*Members with a medical condition preventing the wearing of a mask who would like to discuss options regarding their membership can contact
Hand Sanitizer 1
Interested in volunteering? We need you!
Volunteer support from members makes our programs innovation possible.

If you'd be interested in helping with upcoming events or perhaps with lending a hand at a work party, please contact our Kelly Annesty, Programs Director at Let her know which areas you're interested in helping with and we'll add you to our volunteer list for those areas.
SPFGA-branded apparel available on Entripy
SPFGA-branded apparel is now available on our Entripy store front:

There's a broad range of T-shirts, hoodies, hats, toques, sweatshirts, etc. - head on over and have a look around!

This is something we began based on requests from members. Once you've had a chance to look around, let us know at what you think.
Check the Lost and Found page
Something gone missing? Worried you might have lost an item? Check the Lost and Found page on the website.

Fairly regularly, items are turned into our Lost and Found. If you think an item of yours might be in there, give it a look!
What's Your Thought?
What's Your Thought? is a regularly-running poll where you're able to share your thoughts with us.
This What's Your Thought? polls your interest in knowing about weather conditions on the property.

A common question members ask is "What's the weather like out there today?"

It can be a bit of a gamble sometimes - it might be fine at your house, but significantly windier or rainy once you get out.

This question has made us wonder - if there was some way of you being able to check the actual weather on the property itself, would this be useful to you?

Coming out for the day for a walk on the trails, coming out with your tent to the campground, or hoping to test out those new handloads all kind of depend on reasonably knowing what the weather is.

If we put up weather station on the property and pushed data about wind speed & direction, temperature, barometric pressure onto the website, would this be useful to you?
Would knowing what the local weather conditions were before coming out be useful to you?
Yes, this would be useful to me.
No, this would not be useful to me.
This Last Thought offers the poll results from the April 5 edition of Bullet Points.
The Last Thought
In the What's Your Thought? poll in the April 5 edition of Bullet Points, we polled your interest about knowing how busy the facility was prior to coming out.

We heard from 303 members on this question - 184 (60.7%) indicated their interest was primarily how busy the ranges were, 100 (33%) indicated knowing how busy facility amenities in general are would be of value to them, and 19 (6.3%) indicated that this information would not be useful to them.

It can be a long drive out to the facility - knowing in advance how busy things are is clearly something of interest to members..
These Did You Know? articles were suggested by members as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explain their reasoning.

Did you know that you cannot cut down trees at Ketchamoot Creek?

The tree in the photo below had been chopped by a member in the campground and ended up falling on someone else's vehicle. Thankfully no one was injured.

The Conservation Easement (CE) on our properties, which we hold with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), has many restrictions. One restriction is with the falling of trees. Both living trees and standing deadwood have a role in the ecosystem and because of this, the NCC CE prevents their removal outside of very specific circumstances. As a result, only SPFGA staff and appointed volunteers are able to fall trees.

Firewood for the campground can be found in the shelter provided (but please go easy on it).
Discussion Group
Please come and join our members-only Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse, a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!
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