October 29, 2020
Welcome to Bullet Points, our news & events email!
Membership renewals coming soon
Membership renewals for 2021 will be opening soon once we're done finalizing a few things on the website. Please stay tuned for additional updates. Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience as we work through this.

A message in the form of a Safe and Sound email will be sent out when renewals are open. At this time, a 'Renew' button in the Membership Portal will be activated.

We have closed the Membership page to purchases of new 2020 memberships. New 2021 memberships will be available January 1.
Range hours change November 1
Please note that the shooting end time on the firearm ranges drops back to 4:30 pm on Sunday, November 1. All firing must cease at this time each day.

Throughout the year, our range hours shift to accommodate the changes in daylight hours (see below). These times are posted at the gate, on the website, and in the newsletter.
Intro To Winter Camping Course
Imagine moving across a frozen landscape, the air still and crisp, snow crunching underfoot. The sun is setting, unveiling the wonder of the night sky. The smell of a wood stove warms your senses as you reach your home for the night: a beautiful canvas tent, set up and waiting for you like an old friend with the porch light on.

Instructed by Dragan Uzelac, owner of Niko Wilderness Education and SPFGA member, this two day, one night Intro to Winter Camping course will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in all your winter travels.

Covered topics include:
  • fire lighting
  • knife handling
  • stovemanship
  • axe use and safety
  • saws
  • winter travel
  • clothing
  • animal tracks
  • survival
  • bushcraft skills

All with the comfort of canvas tents, warmed by wood stoves. Full COVID-19 precautions are being taken, including upgrades to the sleeping arrangements.

SPFGA member rate: $350.00 per person

Held on the 700+ acres of our Ketchamoot Creek Facility on February 20 & 21, this members-only turn-key course for up to six participants will provide everything required, including quality high-end camp meals, kitchenware, tents and snowshoes.

Attendees need only provide winter clothing and sleep systems (winter rated sleeping bag and sleeping mats).
Global Foundation (GF) Zoom seminar
The Global Foundation, an organization focused on sustainable development and environmental protection, has informed us they are holding a Zoom seminar focused on the UN Beaverhill Biosphere, wetlands and land owners and asked us to pass the word along.

Their seminar is Tuesday, November 10 at 7 p.m. (details here). If you are interested in attending, confirm your participation by emailing gf@gfoundation.ca.
Fish pond now closed for the winter
Another regular seasonal change at SPFGA is the winterizing and closing of the fish pond to use. The pond is now closed. The entry areas to the pond have been fenced off and warning signs posted. We will reopen the pond after spring thaw, typically in April.

During winter, please be advised that the ice on the surface of the pond is unsafe – the bubbling of the aerators makes the ice very thin. Please ensure children or pets do not venture out onto the pond surface.
Board elections
The first week of December is coming up quickly, meaning that the SPFGA Board Elections are just around the corner.

Per our bylaws, half the Board comes up for elections each December, ensuring better continuity year to year.

We will be holding our election meeting virtually this year, with ballots being cast remotely. Details on positions coming up for election, how to nominate a candidate, how to attend the meeting, and registering to vote will be coming in a Safe and Sound email in the near future.
What's Your Thought?
What's Your Thought? is a regularly-running poll where you're able to share your thoughts with us.
This What's Your Thought? polls your thoughts about use of our hiking trails in the winter.

In the Fall 2019 issue of Range of Thoughts on page 7 we have a nice little piece on our hiking trails.

These are a nice amenity, totalling just under 7 km in length, covering an entire quarter-section. They see use during the warmer months and we're curious what activities you'd be interested in to increase their use in winter months.

For example, do you have an interest in cross-country skiing? Or would you be more likely to use them for snowshoeing?

If there's a use other than these that you'd like to see us explore, please email Roland Coppens, Communications Director (communications@spfga.ca) with your ideas.
Hiking trail use
This Last Thought is the poll results from the October 18 edition of Bullet Points.
The Last Thought
In the What's Your Thought? poll of the October 18 edition of Bullet Points, we asked members whether they would prefer that the Board explore improvised solutions that would allow us to bring our outhouses back into service, saving $225 per month per toilet (four toilets) to do so, or whether they would prefer to stay with the portapotties until a permanent solution is put in place.
We received responses from 305 members on this poll, with 215 (70.5%) indicating that they preferred to stay with the portapotties until a permanent solution is in place, and 90 (29.5%) indicating they preferred to go with the outhouses & save the money.
These Did You Know? articles were suggested by you as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explain their reasoning.

Did you know that the emails that we send out are all maintained in their own archives on the website?

Range of Thoughts
Range of Thoughts is our club newsletter, published quarterly in e-zine format. Back issues dating back to 2009 can be found in the Range of Thoughts Archive.

Bullet Points
Bullet Points is the club's semi-monthly news & information email (you're reading one right now!). Bullet Points came into existence in 2020 and every issue can be found in the Bullet Points Archive.

Safe and Sound
Safe and Sound is the club's facility safety and system message email, sent out at need throughout the year. Facility closures, election announcements, and information about membership renewals are all subjects of Safe and Sound emails. Safe and Sound also came into existence in 2020 and every back issue can be found in the Safe and Sound Archive.

Please contact Roland Coppens, Communications Director (communications@spfga.ca) with any questions.
Discussion Group
Please come and join our members-only Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse, a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!