September 20, 2020
Welcome to Bullet Points, our news & events email!
Membership renewals coming soon
That time is approaching again - membership renewal.

Our memberships follow the calendar year, beginning January 1 and ending on December 31. We typically open our renewal cycle well in advance to ensure that everyone is able to get their renewals in before the end of the year. This year, we are planning to open renewals for 2021 on Sunday, October 18. There are a few pending items that could impact this, including the outcome of the upcoming virtual General Meeting (details on that a little further on in this email), so please stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer.

In preparation for renewals to begin, we have closed the Membership page to purchases of new 2020 memberships. When we reopen for 2021 renewals, the 'Purchase' buttons will be reactivated.
Range hours change September 22
Please note that the shooting end time on the firearm ranges drops back to 6:30 pm on Tuesday, September 22. All firing must cease at this time.

Throughout the year, our range hours shift to accommodate the changes in daylight hours (see below). These times are posted at the gate, on the website, and in the newsletter.
SPFGA Virtual General Meeting - October 8
Please join us for a virtual General Meeting on Thursday, October 8 to discuss a proposed increase to our membership fees, which requires a ratification vote. Your attendance and involvement in this is essential.

To attend, simply register at: Full details about the meeting and background information are available at this link.

Any SPFGA member of good standing 16 years of age or older is invited to attend and vote. To ensure you are set up to vote, each member must register individually at the link above. Once registered, you will receive instructions by email on connecting to attend the meeting.
Reminder about masks
Remember to bring and wear a mask when you're out on the property.

We are at Phase 2 of our Facility Re-opening Plan, which makes the use of a mask covering the mouth and nose mandatory when unable to physically distance 2 m from members you do not live with. Don't forget that this also includes carpooling to the property with another member you do not live with.

We have been noticing that mask wear has been slipping & wanted to remind everyone about the necessity of this.

Note: for safety reasons, mask use when actively on the firing line is not required.
Please raise the safety curtain before you leave
Increasingly often, safety curtains in the range sheds have been left down after the last member has departed. So, we felt that a brief reminder might be helpful.

The Facility Rules requires that "when the last member is leaving a range, the safety curtain shall be placed in the up position to prevent damage by the wind and as confirmation that no one is down range."

As your last step of packing up, if you're the last one in your range shed, please take a moment to make sure the safety curtain has been cranked up.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director or Mark Lowry, Handgun Director with questions.
Safe ammunition disposal
We've recently had questions about how to properly dispose of defective or unwanted ammunition.

The answer to this depends on the situation. Cartridges that fail to go off should be disposed of in the provided disposal containers at each range.

If you have old ammunition that you feel may be unsafe, the best option is to contact your local RCMP or EPS station and arrange to drop it off there. They will arrange for proper disposal. If you have ammunition that is fine but you have no use for, you can offer it to friends or other members (sorry, we don't have a way to help facilitate this at this time).

The important thing to keep in mind is that it should never be disposed of in your household garbage or in the garbage bins at the facility.
Remember to check the events calendar
We regularly receive bookings for the various amenities at our facility.

To avoid frustration or unpleasant surprises, before you head out make sure you check the Events Calendar on the website to see whether the amenity or range you plan on using already has a booking for that day.
F-Class Seminar Oct 18
The SPFGA, together with instructor Glen Taylor, will be hosting an introductory F-Class seminar at the Big Bore range on Sunday, October 18.

F-Class is a precision long distance target shooting sport in which participants shoot centerfire rifles at targets at distances from 300 to 900 m, steadied by a bipod or pedestal rest.

Register here if you're interested in attending. There is no cost to attend this SPFGA members-only seminar.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director with questions:
We need your wildlife photos!
Kelly Annesty, our Programs Director, is currently working on an information piece for the Ketchamoot Creek property. What she needs now is photos of wildlife taken on the property.

If you happen to have some that you think would be interesting and are open to us using them, Kelly would be most appreciative if you shared them with her:
What's Your Thought?
What's Your Thought? is a regularly-running poll where you're able to share your thoughts with us.
This What's Your Thought? polls your thoughts on attending General Meetings.

Regularly throughout the year, the club's members and the Board gather, either to discuss club business, listen to speakers presenting on topics of interest, or both.

Historically, these have been in-person meetings on a face-to-face basis. The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to be flexible in many ways though, including how we meet and virtual webinar-style meeting formats will be necessary for the foreseeable future.

When the pandemic settles and life turns back to normal, which will likely be achieved through the arrival of one or more vaccines, in-person meetings will likely resume.

What we would like to know though is if maintaining the virtual remote attendance alongside in-person attendance (i.e. a blended audience) would make it more likely for members to attend General Meetings.
Will you be more likely to attend future General Meetings if remote attendance was possible?
Yes, I would be more likely to attend if I could do so remotely from home.
No, adding remote attendance would not change the likelihood of me attending.
This Last Thought is the poll results from the August 29 edition of Bullet Points.
The Last Thought
In the August 29 edition we asked you to rate your satisfaction with SPFGA club communications, assigning a rating from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

We received responses from 318 members for this poll, with 223 (70.1%) indicating a rating of 5, 81 (25.5%) giving a rating of 4, 7 (2.2%) giving a rating of 3, 2 (0.6%) giving a rating of 2, and 5 (1.6%) giving a rating of 1.

We're quite happy with these results - 95.6% of members giving a rating of 4 or 5 is very encouraging and suggests we're moving in the right directions with our communications.
These Did You Know? articles, suggested by you as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explain their reasoning.

Did you know that the state of the safety curtain (up or down) determines whether or not you can handle firearms or ammunition?

The Facility Rules state that when the safety curtain is UP:
  • the range is active or live
  • members may be forward of the yellow Cease Fire Line painted on the shed floor
  • firearms and ammunition may be handled, loaded and discharged

When the safety curtain is DOWN:
  • the range is closed to firing
  • absolutely no handling of uncased firearms, magazines, or ammunition
  • firearms must be unloaded, on the bench with muzzles pointed downrange, placed in the provided racks, cased or holstered
  • firearm actions, where possible, should be placed in the open position.
  • while in the range shed, all members must be back of the Cease Fire Line
  • individuals may go down range to post or retrieve targets

Discussion Group
Please come and join our Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse, a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!