September 29, 2020
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SPFGA Virtual General Meeting - October 8
Please join us for a virtual General Meeting on Thursday, October 8 to discuss a proposed increase to our membership fees, which requires a ratification vote. Your attendance and involvement in this is essential.

Full details, including some new background documents are available at the Eventbrite event linked to above. If you've already registered for the meeting, please feel free to loop back and review the updated documents there.

Any SPFGA member of good standing 16 years of age or older is invited to attend and vote at this meeting. To vote, register at the link above. Spouses and voting-age dependents of members must each individually register to attend so that their voting can be arranged as well.

Once registered, you will receive instructions by email on connecting to attend the meeting.

So that we know who will be attending and make sure the online meeting invitations make their way out to everyone, the registration deadline is Thursday, October 1. If you plan on attending, please register before then.
Reminder about the lines in the range sheds
As discussed in the Facility Rules, the two lines in the rifle and handgun range sheds are important safety reference points.

The yellow line is the 'Cease Fire Line'. When the safety curtain is down, that range is 'closed' and all members in the shed must remain behind this line (i.e. on the side closer to the parking area). When the safety curtain is up, that range is 'live or open' and members are free to be on either side of the yellow line.

The red line at the front of the range shed and front of each bench (indicated by the black arrow in the photo) is the 'Firing Line'. This line should be considered as extending out to the berms on either side of each range shed. When the safety curtain is up and that range is active, all members and their body parts must remain behind this red line. When the safety curtain is down and that range is closed, members may proceed down range to place, check, or retrieve targets.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director or Mark Lowry, Handgun Director with questions.
Reminder about the brass pails
As a reminder, the only thing that should go into the brass pails on the handgun and rifle ranges is spent cartridges.

Misfired cartridges may be safely placed into the red disposal containers at each range.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director or Mark Lowry, Handgun Director with questions.
Congratulations to Ruth Shewfelt!
Congratulations to long-time SPFGA member Ruth Shewfelt for being the lucky winner of the Alberta Fish and Game Association's Honda Quad Raffle!

Raffles are important fundraising avenues for the AFGA to supplement membership and club affiliation fees.

We thank Ruth and all of our other members for their generous donations by supporting this raffle.
Facility rules regarding targets updated
The Facility Rules contains, in the section on the rifle and handgun ranges, specific guidance regarding targets.

The Board voted unanimously at the September 22 meeting to amend this guidance, removing the following verbiage:

Acceptable targets include bullseye targets or animal silhouettes.

Unacceptable targets include human silhouettes, clays, balloons, fruit, plastics and explosive targets.

Exceptions to the use of human silhouettes are granted by the Board to police officers, conservation officers and sheriffs as part of their training and certification programs. Law enforcement personnel participating in such activities are required to wear their service uniforms to identify themselves to SPFGA members.

And replace it with:

Unacceptable targets include:
  • photographs or likenesses of actual persons, whether living or dead
  • clays, balloons, plastics
  • fruits, vegetables or other food stuffs
  • explosive targets.

This means that human silhouette targets such as the IPSC Metric or even zombie targets are now allowed, but photos or likenesses of actual people are not.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director or Mark Lowry, Handgun Director with questions.
Facility rules regarding airguns updated
The rifle and handgun section in the Facility Rules was also updated on September 22 to specifically allow air powered rifles on all ranges, and air powered pistols on the handgun and 50m ranges.

Prior to this, the only range airguns were explicitly permitted for use was air powered rifles on the Rimfire range. This amendment of the wording makes their use on other ranges official, a common request we have received.

We feel that having both air rifles and pistols is particularly important for the Handgun range, as its shorter distances are felt to be particularly suitable to younger members who are new to shooting to learn on. These younger members are the future for firearms ownership, so we wanted to be sure to make sure they have the best environment in which to be exposed to firearms use.

Please contact Tom Opgenorth, Rifle Director or Mark Lowry, Handgun Director with questions.
Membership renewals coming soon
We are planning to open renewals for 2021 on Sunday, October 18. There are a few pending items that could impact this, including the outcome of the upcoming October 8 Virtual General Meeting (details above), so please stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer.

In preparation for renewals to begin, we have closed the Membership page to purchases of new 2020 memberships. When we reopen for 2021 renewals, the 'Purchase' buttons will be reactivated.
Using your work email address
We have observed that some members use their work email address for club communications.

If this is the only email address you have, that's fine. If not though, staying informed about club matters, particularly facility-related information we send out via Safe and Sound emails, is challenging if you're only receiving them during the work day when you aren't on vacation.

We encourage you to use your personal email for club updates instead. If you would like to update your email address, you can do this directly yourself on the website by logging into your profile.
We need your wildlife photos!
Kelly Annesty, our Programs Director, is currently working on an information piece for the Ketchamoot Creek property. She needs photos of wildlife taken on the property.

If you happen to have some that you think would be interesting and are open to us using them, Kelly would be most appreciative if you shared them with her:
What's Your Thought?
What's Your Thought? is a regularly-running poll where you're able to share your thoughts with us.
This What's Your Thought? polls your thoughts on attending General Meetings.

In Phase 2 of our re-opening plan, guests are welcome on all amenities on the property with the exception of the ranges. Our plan has been to move to Phase 3 when the province moves to Stage 3 of its relaunch strategy, at which time we would re-examine the question of range guests.

However, for members with household members who are not SPFGA members, the question has arisen whether hosting them as supervised range guests would be permissible.

So, we thought we'd put the question to you - should we open range guests to these situations where members cohabitate with a person and, as a result, are not at risk of virus transmission between them with the immediate supervision within arms-length this activity requires?
Should we resume supervised range guests where member and guest reside in the same household?
Yes, viral transmission is less a concern in this instance.
No, we have a plan and should stay with it.
This Last Thought is the poll results from the September 20 edition of Bullet Points.
The Last Thought
In the September 20 edition we asked if you would more likely to attend future General Meetings if remote attendance was possible.

We received responses from 134 members for this poll, with 103 (76.9%) indicating that being able to attend General Meetings remotely would increase their likelihood of attending, and 31 (23.1%) indicated that this would not change the likelihood of their attendance.
These Did You Know? articles, suggested by you as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explain their reasoning.

Did you know that there are etiquette rules in the Facility Rules? These exist to promote a pleasant and quality visit to the facility. They are:

  • Treat other members and their guests with respect.
  • Assist and educate newer members or shooters with regard to all range rules, procedures and to ensure they are aware of proper behavior and etiquette on our range. (Also see the previous point.)
  • Remove your targets & place them in the trash before leaving.
  • Pick up your spent casings and either put them in the waste pails or remove them from the property.
  • Call ceasefires at reasonable intervals when the range is busy to accommodate arriving or departing member placing or retrieving targets.
  • Members using muzzle brakes are requested to use the plexiglass shields provided.
  • Members using semi-automatics are requested to use the mesh casing deflectors.

Discussion Group
Please come and join our members-only Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse, a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!