March 30, 2020
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On the topic of refunds...

Refunds are something we've been discussing in a lot of detail since closing the Ketchamoot Creek facility Friday night. We've received a number of questions about refunds and we'd like to address this openly and directly.

We've got an excellent range and an excellent facility. We fully recognize that these are the primary reasons many of you have chosen to purchase a membership with us. We completely understand therefore that not being able to access these amenities naturally raises the question of refunds.

To this, we'd like to say that SPFGA membership comes with a broad variety of benefits that go beyond our facility. Membership in the SPFGA involves the support of a non-profit association that holds conservation, education and support of the shooting sports at the center of its identity. It includes membership in the Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA), giving you liability insurance coverage, discounts with various retailers and services, and subscription to Outdoor Canada magazine. There are also several unrecoverables within your membership fee such as credit card transaction fees, hard costs for membership and gate access cards, administrative office costs, and AFGA membership fees.

Additionally, 100% availability is something we could never guarantee anyway. It was a virus that shut us down now, but it could have just as easily been some other cause like the CFO identifying a deficiency and pulling our certification until the matter was rectified. We work very hard to maintain uptime, but the risk of downtime is always there.

As well, it's important to recognize that while perhaps not a legal requirement, this country's CFOs have asserted that range membership is a necessary prerequisite for ownership of restricted firearms. Resigning one's membership in pursuit of a refund could create unwanted issues.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out that these events are happening to all of us, the SPFGA included.

For these reasons, we will be keeping to our policy of membership fees being non-refundable, as laid out in bylaws item 2.5.3 and we will not be considering refunds.

This being said, there are two specific groups of members with special circumstances for whom we will make refunds available:

  1. New members who have been delayed in getting their cards. There is a small group of new members who paid their fees in good faith some time ago and, due to various difficulties, we have been unable to provide them with their cards and they have not been able to access the property. These members have been more patient with us than we could ever ask, and we're offering to refund 25% of their membership fee as a gesture of compensation for not having been able to access the property for the first quarter of the year.
  2. New members who purchased a membership in the period between March 20-27. These members are free to resign their membership and be eligible for a refund if they wish, less $25 to cover the costs of processing their membership. These refunded members are free to rejoin again later in the year if they would like

If you are in either of these two groups and wish to pursue a refund, please email us at .

In closing, we'd like to thank all of you for being so understanding and supportive. We honestly mean this - the messages of support have truly been outstanding and we are thankful.

Honestly and sincerely,