March 9, 2020
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SPFGA mission statement updated
The club's mission statement was discussed at the February 29 General meeting in regards to an update to its wording.

The SPFGA's mission statement has traditionally been:

To promote through education, lobbying and programs, the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife and to protect and enhance the habitat they depend on.

Your feedback in the Member Engagement Survey last fall indicated the need to broaden this to include the shooting sports. The Board considered various possible options and settled on the following, which was presented to members on February 29:

To promote through education, lobbying, and programs the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife resources, the protection and enhancement of habitat, and the safe and responsible practice of the shooting sports.

Following a brief presentation and discussion, the majority of members assembled voted in favour of updating the club's mission statement to this broader wording.
AFGA 2019 In Review
At the 2020 conference, the AFGA released its AFGA 2019 In Review video. These In Review videos have become welcome annual updaters about the projects over the past year.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate all that we've done to protect and enhance habitat in Alberta!
Automatic gate up & going!
We switched over to our new automatic gate on February 29. Because the new electronic access system records entry and exit for us, we also decommissioned the sign-in logbook kiosk at the same time. It is no longer required to record your entry and exit in the logbook.

A few points to keep in mind:

  1. You'll continue to use your existing access card.
  2. Scanning is on the driver’s side of the vehicle, which means that you'll be driving through on the opposite side. Please be careful with other traffic in the gate area.
  3. Every member in the vehicle with a gate access card must scan their card on entry (scanning one right after the other works fine).
  4. Please ensure that the gate is closing behind you before proceeding.
  5. We are all responsible for the security of the property - please do not allow tailgating.

We hope you enjoy this new upgrade! Please contact us with questions or concerns at .
2020 Awards banquet
Annual SPFGA Awards Banquet
April 18, 2020

Millwoods Golf Course clubhouse
4540 50 Street, Edmonton.

Adults: $40
Children (2-10 years) $20
Child under 2 - No Charge
2020 SPFGA photo contest
Prizes for best photos are awarded annually to members at the Awards Banquet in the Scenic and Wildlife categories.

Judging will be done by Sherwood Park Mall McBain Camera staff. The winner in each category will receive two tickets to the Awards Night banquet, a $30 gift card, and their photos will be on display at the banquet.

  • Submissions accepted until March 21
  • Up to two photos can be submitted in each category
  • Prints (max 8x10”) or USB drives with jpeg image files can be submitted at the Sherwood Park Mall McBain Camera location
  • Jpeg image files can be shared from cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) to McBain Camera staff:
  • Prints and USB drives will be returned in person at the Awards Night banquet

Members are encouraged to enter their Scenic and Wildlife photos!

For additional questions, contact
Range hours change
With the start of Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 9 the shooting end time at our firearms changes becomes 6:30 p.m.

As specified in the Facility Rules from the second Sunday in March until April 14, range hours are 9 am to 6:30 p.m.
Heavy conveyor belting?
We're curious: does anyone by chance know of a source for used heavy conveyor belting?

We're considering this for possible use as range backstop material instead of OSB and are wondering if there might be a source out there.

Please contact if you might know of one.
In-person orientations
Sun, Apr 12, 2020 10:00 AM MST
SPFGA In-person Orientations
Ketchamoot Creek Property (the range), 50302 Rge Rd 203, Sherwood Park
Website guest passes ready!
Range guest passes can now be purchased through the website!

Log into your account on the website & click 'My Account' to take you to the Member Portal. The 'Buy Guest Pass' link is in the sidebar on the left. Adult guests are $20 each; guests under 18 are no charge. The emailed receipt is your pass. You must have a membership with range privileges to purchase a pass.

Take a moment to review the Range Guest Policy before heading out.
Tue, Apr 28, 2020 4:00 PM MST
SPFGA - Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship
Ketchamoot Creek Property (the range), 50302 Rge Rd 203, Sherwood Park
Narrow Lake Youth Camp &
Becoming an Outdoor Woman Camp
Each July, the Narrow Lake Conservation Center hosts the Narrow Lake Youth Camp and the Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) Camp.

These camps offer an excellent opportunity to engage in activities like canoeing, archery, rifle / pistol / shotgun / muzzleloader shooting, camping, and outdoor survival skills.

Attendees of the five-day BOW camp also complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

For 2020, the SPFGA is planning on sponsoring four attendees to each camp. If you are interested in being sponsored to attend, please contact Al Keeler at
Mapleseed April 19
The SPFGA Board is proud to be hosting four Project Mapleseed events this year in 2020!

Mapleseed events are booked for Apr 19, Jun 21, Aug 9 and Sep 19.

SPFGA members have exclusive access to registration for the Apr 19 event until March 14th. These always fill up fast, so don't wait!
Watch for more courses & events!
We're planning on a lot more content & events this year! Keep an eye on our quarterly newsletter, Range of Thoughts, these emails, our website Events Calendar, our Facebook main page, and The Ketchamoot Discourse, our Facebook discussion group for details.

We're looking at courses & events on elk calling, bear safety, traumatic injury first aid, gun cleaning, archery, marksmanship, and kayak fishing just to name just a few, so keep a watch for content that interests you!
What's Your Thought?
The Last Thought
This Last Thought is the poll results from the previous edition of Bullet Points .
We asked in the February 20 edition of Bullet Points , whether you would be OK with receiving texts letting
you know the property needed to be closed urgently.

A vast majority of members expressed positive interest in receiving text messages for this purpose, with 234 (94.4%) saying yes they would be OK with receiving texts and 14 (5.6%) saying no they would not.
Impending whole-facility closure
Beaver County has informed us that culverts on Range Road 203 (the road leading into the gate) just south of the property are scheduled for replacement in the near future. When this work occurs, our entire facility will be closed to all traffic for all use. This will probably be for the whole day when it happens, but should only require one day of closure.
Beaver County hasn't supplied a specific date yet, but when they do we will update you by email, social media and the website as usual. Please stay posted.
These Did You Know? articles, suggested by you as a source of quick reminders, highlight specific rules & briefly explaining their reasoning.

In the Feb 20 Did You Know? we talked about archives. We're going to talk archives again - this time for the newsletter.

Our quarterly newsletter, Range of Thoughts , is archived on the website here .

This way, if you ever want to look again at something you'd seen mentioned in a past newsletter, you can simply go to the archive and find it.
Facebook Discussion Group
Please come and join our Facebook discussion group, The Ketchamoot Discourse , a place where SPFGA members can talk with each other or the Board.

Head on over and take a look. See you there!