Parshat Beshalach

February 3 - 4, 2023 | 13 Shevat 5783


Mazel Tov:

to Alana and Jonathan Rotter on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Talia! Mazal Tov as well to Talia's brothers, Aaron & Noah.

Kiddush Announcement:

As a reminder, with appropriate supervision ensuring that the legal drinking age is enforced, we will have a bar where l’chaims can be shared and a weekly vort offered. As this is a departure from how kiddush had operated previously, we wanted to make sure to let you know that this change will be happening, and the thought behind it. We hope that this change will further cultivate the spirit of “one BDJ community” that we are working so hard to rebuild and enjoy!

Board Announcement:

The Nominating Committee is seeking members who wish to serve on the 2023-24 Board of Directors. Anyone who is a member for 12 months or more and in good standing shall be eligible for consideration. If you are interested in serving or want to nominate a fellow member, please contact Barbara Wettstein, the Nominating Committee Chair by February 17.


Click Here to visit BDJ's Purim Page to order Mishloach Manot and access our Purim schedule and Halacha How-tos.

If any women or teen girls are interested in reading a chapter of Megillat Esther this year they should be in touch with Sari Abrams.

Help needed! Seeking volunteers to help deliver Mishloach Manot! Click Here to sign up.

If you have moved in the past year, please contact the office to update your address before Purim.

Rechov Yeladim:

Click Here to read February's Youth Newsletter

In Case You Missed It:

PORAT Zoom Event. “Welcoming Everyone to Shul: Why We Should Ensure Our Shuls Embrace LGBTQ+ Jews.” Zoom recording here.


Seudah Shlishit is sponsored by Ruth Ellen Moss in memory of Ruth Moskwitz z'l.

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This Shabbat

5:07 PM

Friday Night Candlelighting

5:10 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv  | Abrams-Kanefsky Backyard (1537 Durango)

8:45 AM

Early Minyan | Beit Midrash | Post-davening learning with Rabbi Chaim Tureff.

9:00 AM
Rechov Yeladim | Ages 6 Months to 6th Grade
9:15 AM

Shacharit | Main Sanctuary

Note: No Teen Minyan this week

9:27 AM

Latest Time for Kriat Shema


Kiddush| Social Hall

20 Minutes Post-Davening

Shiur B'Ivrit with Gal Ben-Naim | Beit Midrash

4:45 PM

Mincha East | Mincha, Seudah Shlisheet & Learning, and Ma’ariv, Graciously hosted by Tzviah and David Mayman, 1133 S. Point View St. To help the Maymans prepare, please RSVP to

4:55 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv | Sanctuary

Seudah Shlishit | Beit Midrash

Nothing But the Pshat | Nili Isenberg

6:06 PM

If you require an accommodation in order to participate in Shabbat services with BDJ please contact We welcome and support children, teens, and adults with disabilities, mental health conditions, and their families and caregivers. Please reach out if you have any questions and/or would like to request an accommodation.
This Week

Weekday Minyanim: Mincha/Ma'ariv will be at 5:10 PM this week. Regular Shacharit

Weekly Torah Classes

Monday : Gemara Shiur with Rav Yosef | Tenth Chapter of Pesachim | 7:30 – 9:00 PM | Beit Midrash.

Tuesday: Midrash Group | Bamidbar Rabbah | 7:45 – 8:45 AM | Beit Midrash

Wednesday: Shmuel Zoom Class with Rav Yosef | Shmuel Aleph|

12:00 – 12:30 PM | Meeting ID: 848 006 895 Passcode: 867811

Rechov Yeladim

Tu B'Shvat Family Nature Outing

February 5

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Note: Location Change to Tree People!

Get ready to celebrate the birthday of the trees with us! We will meet at the Upper Garden at Tree People. Activities include a nature scavenger hunt, an easy hike, planting and a Tu B'Shvat tasting party. Register here.

Israel Conversation

February 5

7:30 PM

Join us for Speaking from Our Souls, Listening From Our Hearts, a BDJ family conversation about Religious Zionism, Orthodox Judaism and Medinat Yisrael. Members only. Please RSVP here.

Upcoming Events

Oneg Shabbat | Supporting Friends Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

February 10

8:15 PM

"Very Real, and Also Different: The Loss of a Pregnancy, and Supporting Friends Who Experience It." At this special Friday night oneg  we’ll have a conversation featuring Rav Yosef and Maytal Shainberg, who is the founder of Forever My Angel, an organization supporting Orthodox families affected by stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Please join us as we learn more about the Halacha behind pregnancy loss, grieving and termination, and how to support families who have been through these.  Location: home of Joelle and David Keene | 1617 Durango Ave


February 11

4:55 PM

Our 5th – 7th graders are invited to take active participatory roles in the main minyan Mincha. Please sign your child up for one of these roles HERE.

Boomer Event

February 11

7:45 PM

Join writer and Los Angeles cultural historian, David Kipen, for an event exploring the relationship between the Jews and their neighbors and the Libros Schmibros Lending Library in Boyle Heights. Event includes Havdalah, presentation, Q&A and refreshments. RSVP here.

Location: private residence in Century City (ample guest parking)

Tikkun Olam Lunch

February 12

11:30 AM

Calling BDJers of all ages to volunteer and join the fun. We need our usual team of volunteers to set up, welcome our guests and distribute the lunches and other gifts.  Can you join us? If you can contact Ellen Wintner

Blood Drive

February 19

10 AM - 4 PM

Save lives and discover your blood type - Please give blood! To make your life-saving appointment, please visit and enter sponsor code: BDJ Blood donors will receive a $10 Amazon gift card by e-mail!

Scout Shabbat

February 25

Save the Date

BDJ Gala

February 26

Visit our Gala site to register.

Rechov Yeladim's Purim Palooza

March 5

5-6:30 PM

Save the Date! Purim Games, hamentaschen decorating, dinner, costume contest, raffle and more! Register Here.


March 6-7

Purim Site Here

Community Announcements
  • Mikvah Esther invites all women of the community to a special two-part Taharas Hamishpacha Refresher Course given by renowned kallah teacher Mrs. Huvi Abramczik. Part 1 will take place on February 7th and part 2 on February 14th. For more information or to RSVP, please email

  • Mosh Choref, BALA's Winter Camp, is just a couple weeks away! Presidents Day Weekend! Thursday thru Sunday, Feb 17-20. More info and registration at See You There!!!

  • Sing! Sing! Sing! with the LA JCCC (kids) and the MGW Singers (adults)! The magic begins on Sunday, Feb. 5th at the Westside JCC! Great concert on May 21st! Please send an email of your interest to:! For info, please visit here and here. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! LET'S BUILD A COMMUNITY OF SINGERS TOGETHER!!
Misheberach List

Bella Rivka bat Rosa (Aharon Shimoni's sister) * Shulamit bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson) * Michael ben Malka (Max Wozniak) * Tziporah bat Tova (Mrs. Sassover) * Chava bat Helen (Eva Magid) * Masha Hinda bat Malke Roisa * Tova Chaya bat Leah Malkah * Saureet bat Yehudit (Saureet Hayill) * Nechama Bracha Bat Yechiela * Moshe ben Shoshana (Martine Porter Zasada's uncle) * Yehezkel ben Kaila (Fred Toczek's father) * Mordechai David ben Margalit (Zev Hurwitz' father) * Sarah Golda bat Fradyl (Rav Yosef's mother) * Shlomo haCohen ben Rachel * Shalom David Ben Feigel (father of Boaz Hepner's friend) * Yair ben Bella Rivka (Sheryl Shimoni's nephew) * Esther bat Liba (Jill Lefferman's mother) * Miriam Yosefet bat Leah Malka (Tobi Inlender's sister) * Laurie Higashi * Shoshana Raizel bat Chaya (friend of Miriam Katz) * Bracha Merel bat Rivka (Bernice Epstein) * Lev Binyamin ben Masha Libba * Sarah Freida bat Raizel (Rachel Olshin's mom) * Illana bat Elke (Heather Thau's mother) * Baila Malka bat Ada Etti (Ze'ev Korn's mother) * Farah bat Mozelle Tobe (Brenda Robin's mother) * HaRavYitzchak ben Tobeh (Audrey Kraus' father) * Avraham Chaim ben Rivka  * Sarah Yaffa bat Elka Tzivia * Aaron Ben Mai * Nechemya Ben Gittel (father of Carly Mann) * Eran Yakov ben Sara (Sara Naor's father) * Aliza Sara bat Miriam Chaya* Rachel Chana bat Rivka (Rochelle Frimmer, Debi Pomerantz's Aunt) * Ariella Rivka bat Tzippora * Tova bat Pesche (Tiffany Miller's mother) * Boaz Hepner’s friends - Chava leah bat Shprintze Bluma, Chaya Esther bat Shprintze Bluma, Avrahom Elijah ben Sara Miriam*Aharon Ben Rosa (Aharon Shimoni) * Marnina Danielle bat Yehudit Rifka * * Rella Miriam bat Ella (Sabrina Gillespie's mother)* Yitzchak Dov Ben Devorah * Shoshanna bat Shulamit (Susan Handman) * Chana bat Avigayil * Michal Aviva Bat Yehudit (Na'amit Nagel's sister) * Ada bat Tzila (Batsheva Kasden's mother) * Nechama bat Miriam v’Asher Zelig * Shmuel Nachum ben Elianna Sarah (JJ Helperin's friend) * Dovid Ben Rena Sheva (Margy Horowitz's brother) * Ze’ev Menachem ben Chava Bracha (Zev Hurwitz) * Sharona Tova bat Chanah (Lisa and Jeremy Kolieb’s sister in law) * Devorah bat Raizel v'Eliezer (Deb Brandt-Sarif) * Yehudit Devorah bat Esther (Suzy Wozniack) * Shaul ben Chana Leah * Adina Yael Bat Dalia * Alexandra Rachel Bat Shoshana * Sorah Mindel bat Shulamit

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