Parshat Ki Teitzei

September 9-10, 2022 | 14 Elul 5782



To new members Monique Katz, Jeremy Cytryn & Talya Seidman, Sean Davatgar & Julie Gerchik Davatgar, and Tamara & Chaim Brodt!

To Dr. Tamar Marvin who is joining us this Shabbat!

To Assemblymember Isaac Bryan who will be joining us Shabbat afternoon for a townhall meeting


Elul is here! Join Rav Yosef and Dr. Tamar Marvin for a full lineup of learning, davening and singing. More info here. You can also read Dr. Marvin's first installment of "Teshuvah for Perfectionists" here.  Rav Yosef's first post will be going out later today.

Membership Connections:

Sweet Year, Sweet Connections!

Rosh Hashana offers a natural opportunity to reconnect and reach out.

Chagim Host and Guest Lists:

• Are you looking to invite new faces to your table for Rosh Hashana or Sukkot? Send us an email at and we'll send you a list of people who would love to be your guest! You can decide what works for you. 

• Would you like to be included on the list of folks being invited to Yom Tov meals? Please add yourself to the BDJ Guest List by filling out this form or email us at

(Please note we are not making direct matches, not can we guarantee that everyone will be hosted. We’re just making it easy for people to find each other!)

Sukkot Membership Mash-Up, Sunday, Oct. 9 or Monday, Oct. 10!

• Yes, here we are making direct matches! 

Sign up to host or be hosted on either the first night or day of Sukkot, and we’ll match up hosts and guests. 

• This is a great way to meet new people and strengthen our community.

Questions? Look for Julie Sugar, Maureen Krantz, Joey Lipner, Penina Smith, Eli Shavalian or Julie Fax, BDJ’s Membership Committee, or email us at

  • A donation to the kiddush fund has been made by Cindy & David Abrookin in honor of the community.  "We are moving a short distance away to Long Beach. We will miss our BDJ family immensely, and are so grateful to have called this community our spiritual home for so long. We look forward to visiting when we can!"

Sponsor a Kiddush or Seudah Shlishit! Visit here for more information.

This Shabbat

6:45 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv | Abrams-Kanefsky Backyard (1537 Durango)

6:50 PM

Friday Night Candlelighting
8:45 AM

Early Minyan | Beit Midrash | Post Davening Learning with Jason Ciment.

9:00 AM
Rechov Yeladim | Ages 6 Months to 6th Grade
9:15 AM

Shacharit | Main Sanctuary

9:41 AM

Latest Time for Kriat Shema
Kiddush | Social Hall

20 minutes Post-Davening

Torat Chayyim with Dr. Tamar Marvin| Beit Midrash

Division and Unity: The Great Calendar Controversy of the 10th Century and its surprising message for our community today

5:00 PM

Townhall with Assemblymember Isaac Bryan (AD-54) - info below| Social Hall

6:30 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv Sanctuary

Seudah Shlishit | Beit Midrash

Nothing But the Pshat | R. Aaron Finkelstein

7:45 PM


Shabbat Afternoon

Join Assemblymember Isaac Bryan (AD-54) on Shabbat afternoon at 5:00 pm and Congregation B’nai David Judea for a Town Hall discussion of Assemblymember Bryan’s recent trip to Israel with the California Legislative Jewish Caucus and the Los Angeles Jewish Federation. During this program, open to the community, Assemblymember Bryan will speak about his experiences engaging with a diverse cross-section of Israeli life and take questions from participants about how the experience is shaping his worldview. Childcare will be provided.  Please register here.

If you require an accommodation in order to participate in Shabbat services with BDJ please contact We welcome and support children, teens, and adults with disabilities, mental health conditions, and their families and caregivers. Please reach out if you have any questions and/or would like to request an accommodation.
This Week

Weekday Minyanim: Mincha/Ma'ariv will be at 6:45 PM this week.

September 11

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Social Hall

B'nai David-Judea’s Scouts BSA Troop 360 has our kickoff event for 2022-2023 this Sunday September 11th from 4-6PM downstairs in the B'nai David-Judea Social Hall. There is a boys' troop and a girls' troop.  We have the distinction of being the first Orthodox Jewish troop where one of its female scouts earned her Eagle Scout rank in 2020. 


We have an active calendar for the year which includes hikes, campouts at Point Mugu, San Clemente Beach and Joshua Tree as well as summer camp at Emerald Bay in Catalina.

Boys and girls aged 11-17 can join the troop. If you are interested, please or . Hope to see you there on Sunday!!!

Upcoming Events
Teen Minyan Returns!
September 17th
More details coming soon!

Mincha & Munchies

September 17th

5:00 - 6:30 pm

5th - 8th graders - Hang out with friends on Shabbat afternoon! Thank you to the Treitels for hosting and sponsoring!  Sign up to host a future one here. For more info, email Jenna Rubin -

LA Yoetzet Halacha Initiative
September 17th
4:00 pm
Home of Dena Katz
Pre-Rosh Hashanah Shiur and Get Together with Yoetzet Halacha Dr. Jordana Topp. For Women Only. More info: Sponsored by Beth Jacob, Yavneh, YICC, BDJ, and Knesset Israel.

Blood Drive

September 18th

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Our next blood drive is around the corner! Sign up to save a life here and use code BDJ.  

Sharsheret West Coast 5k/10k Dash
September 18th
8:00 AM

Join Team B'nai David-Judea/Sprinting with Sari and team captains Sari Abrams and Mendel Weintraub for Sharsheret’s “West Coast 5k/10k Dash," supporting Jewish families facing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and hereditary risks for cancer. The dash will take place on Sunday, September 18th at 8:00 AM at Dockweiler Beach. Family Fun Race at 9:15 AM.  Sign up here today.

YP Sukkot Dinner

October 10th

Join BDJ YPs for a dairy group dinner on the Second Night of Yom Tov in the Blumofe Family's sukkah! Children are welcome! Space is limited, sign up by clicking here.

Community Announcements
Camp Announcement:

Want to save $800 today? Just a couple more days till the end of our MEGA Early Bird special for Summer 2023 at Moshava Alevy! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for info, pics, and more! Deal ends on 9/15 - Apply today!

Misheberach List

Bella Rivka bat Rosa (Aharon Shimoni's sister) * Shulamit bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson) * Michael ben Malka (Max Wozniak) * Chaya bat Bela (Mayer Bick's mother) * Tziporah bat Tova (Mrs. Sassover) * Chava bat Helen (Eva Magid) * Masha Hinda bat Malke Roisa * Tova Chaya bat Leah Malkah * Hersh Yaakov ben Chaya Leah (David Stein's father) * Saureet bat Yehudit (Saureet Hayill) * Nechama Bracha Bat Yechiela * Moshe ben Shoshana (Martine Porter Zasada's uncle) * Yehezkel ben Kaila (Fred Toczek's father) * Mordechai David ben Margalit (Zev Hurwitz' father) * Sarah Golda bat Fradyl (Rav Yosef's mother) * Shlomo haCohen ben Rachel * Shalom David Ben Feigel (father of Boaz Hepner's friend) * Yair ben Bella Rivka (Sheryl Shimoni's nephew) * Esther bat Liba (Jill Lefferman's mother) * G'dalyah Reuven ben Bracha (Gary Linder) * Miriam Yosefet bat Leah Malka (Tobi Inlender's sister) * Laurie Higashi * Shoshana Raizel bat Chaya (friend of Miriam Katz) * Bracha Merel bat Rivka (Bernice Epstein) * Lev Binyamin ben Masha Libba * Zechariah Ben HaRav veHeChazan Tehillah (R. Alissa's brother) * Yitzchak Shlomo ben Mirel Devorah (Chaim Plotzker’s son) * Sarah Freida bat Raizel (Rachel Olshin's mom) * Illana bat Elke (Heather Thau's mother) * Baila Malka bat Ada Etti (Ze'ev Korn's mother) * Farah bat Mozelle Tobe (Brenda Robin's mother) * HaRavYitzchak ben Tobeh (Audrey Kraus' father) * Avraham Chaim ben Rivka * Susan Bercovici (Daughter-In-Law of Rica Bercovici) * Sarah Yaffa bat Elka Tzivia * Aaron Ben Mai * Nechemya Ben Gittel (father of Carly Mann)* Avtalyon Zerachyah Ben Miriam Bracha (Avi Goldberg) * Eran Yakov ben Sara (Sara Naor's father) * Aliza Sara bat Miriam Chaya* Rachel Chana bat Rivka (Rochelle Frimmer, Debi Pomerantz's Aunt) * Daniella Leah bat Zeeva * David Aharon Yizchak Ben Micha’el HaCohen (David Stein) * Miriam Aliza bat Shifrah Chana * Ariella Rivka bat Tzippora * Ronen ben Yehudit * Chaya Rachel Bat Carmi Adina (Hallie Schiff)* Moshe ben Mildred (Jeff Feuer's Stepfather) * Tova bat Pesche (Tiffany Miller's mother) * Boaz Hepner’s friends - Chava leah bat Shprintze Bluma, Chaya Esther bat Shprintze Bluma, Avrahom Elijah ben Sara Miriam*Aharon Ben Rosa (Aharon Shimoni) * Neil Andrew Bryson Smith (Shanee Michaelson's Friend) * Tamar Miriam bat Esther Alter (Esther Macner’s daughter)*Leib ben Helen (Lloyd Levitin)* Dovid ben Rena Sheva (Margy Horowitz's Brother) * Marnina Danielle bat Yehudit Rifka * * Rella Miriam bat Ella (Sabrina Gillespie's mother)*Adira Aviva bat Sarah (Andrea Feldman)* Yitzchak Dov Ben Devorah * Marnina Daniella Bat Yehudit Rivka * Shoshanna bat Shulamit (Susan Handman) * Chana bat Avigayil 

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