Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei

Shabbat Mevarchim | Parshat Hachodesh

March 17-18, 2023 | 25 Adar 5783



to Seth (Sheryl) Goldman on the passing of his mother Bertha Goldman z'l

Israel at 75!

Israel is celebrating her 75th birthday this year and BDJ is celebrating right along with her! See our exciting lineup of events and register here!

View the recording of Monday night's lecture with Dr. David Myers here. Passcode: 0aM=Yr@0

In case you missed it!

View the recording of the Dedication Ceremony of the Beit Midrash in memory of Mr. Sassover here.


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This Shabbat

6:44 PM

Friday Night Candlelighting

6:45 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv | Abrams-Kanefsky Backyard (1537 Durango)

9:00 AM

Rechov Yeladim | Ages 6 Months to 6th Grade

9:15 AM

Shacharit | Main Sanctuary

9:30 AM

Teen Minyan | Projection Room | For grades 7th -12th

9:30 AM

Young Professionals Minyan | Beit Midrash

10:00 AM

Latest Time for Kriat Shema


Kiddush| Social Hall

4:30 PM

Seder Nashim | Come Together: Communal Connections Post-Social Distancing | Susan Fink's home (1487 S. Crest Drive)

6:30 PM

Mincha/Ma'ariv | Sanctuary

Seudah Shlishit | Beit Midrash

Nothing But the Pshat | Gail Katz

7:41 PM


Seder Nashim This Shabbat

Come Together: Communal Connections Post-Social Distancing

Our community thrives on connectivity, but COVID's enforced separation fractured and altered the way we live our lives and celebrate our Judaism. How do we consciously and meaningfully reconnect while still accommodating a broad range of comfort levels? What do we hold onto and what do we let go of? How do we address the excitement, fear, joy, and anxiety of this moment? What coping skills – healthy or unhealthy – have brought us through this time? In our first post-pandemic Seder Nashim, let's discuss how we as women are coming back together and what this means for all of us.

Seder Nashim is B'nai David-Judea's women-only discussion series, that focuses on topics that touch us as Modern Orthodox women. All adult women are welcome. Events will be held at private homes in the community.

If you require an accommodation in order to participate in Shabbat services with BDJ please contact We welcome and support children, teens, and adults with disabilities, mental health conditions, and their families and caregivers. Please reach out if you have any questions and/or would like to request an accommodation.
This Week

Weekday Minyanim: Mincha/Ma'ariv will be at 6:50 PM this week. The BDJ Minyan will move to the Goldman Shiva Backyard (1529 S. Crest Dr.) on Tuesday and Wednesday (7:00 AM Shacharit and 6:50 PM Mincha/Ma'ariv). Rosh Chodesh Early Shacharit 6:30 AM on Thursday 3/23.

Weekly Torah Classes

Monday : Gemara Shiur with Rav Yosef | Tenth Chapter of Pesachim | 7:30 – 9:00 PM | Beit Midrash

TuesdayMidrash Group | Bamidbar Rabbah | 7:45 – 8:45 AM | Beit Midrash

WednesdayShmuel Zoom Class with Rav Yosef | Shmuel Aleph|

12:00 – 12:30 PM | Meeting ID: 848 006 895 Passcode: 867811

The Jewish State Through the Eyes of Her Poets

March 22

7:30 PM

Yasgur/Lipner home

History books, newspapers, and journals propose to tell us the story of what happens. Poets describe what happens inside the body and the soul. In this “literary salon,” we will see Israel’s evolution through new lenses as we read and discuss a selection of pre- and post- state poems. Join this exploration into the heart and soul of what happened as expressed by some of the Israel’s most sensitive, thoughtful, and evocative writers.

This event will take place at the Yasgur/Lipner home (9607 Bolton Road)

Register Here

Upcoming Events

Mincha East

Shabbat March 25

4:30 PM

Join us for Mincha, Seudah Shlishit & Learning, and Maariv! Graciously hosted by Tzviah and David Mayman, 1133 S Point View St. To help the Maymans prepare, please rsvp to

Haggadah Slam

March 29

7:00 PM

Temple Beth Am

Tzei U’Lmad/צא ולמד/Go and Learn! | A Joint Project of BDJ and Temple Beth Am

This year’s iteration of the (mostly) annual TBA/BDJ Haggadah Slam will focus on the "Tzei U’Lmad " section of the Haggadah, the very heart of the Midrashic treatment of the story. The evening will feature teachings by the Shuls' senior rabbis, as well as breakout sessions highlighting additional passages within this beloved part of the Haggadah. You will walk away illuminated, and with useful material you can use at your  Sedarim! Register Here

Teen Takeover

Shabbat April 1

Save the date!

Shabbaton with special guest Rav Benny Lau

April 21-22

"Our Responsibility, Our Future" - Through his unique voice as a leading Religious Zionist rabbi, thinker, author, and historian, Rav Lau will frame Israel’s present chapter in terms of classical Jewish thought and history. Special Shabbat morning davening, ruach, and Kiddush!

Yom Ha'atzmaut!

April 26

6:45 AM

Join us for a lively Shacharit including Hallel and a celebratory breakfast after davening. RSVPs appreciated Register Here

BDJ Retreat

April 28-30

WE ARE GOING TO CAMP!!! BDJ is having a retreat at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center located in Running Springs, California over the weekend of April 28 through 30, 2023. We invite everyone to come enjoy a special Shabbat of davening, food, learning and more in the San Bernardino mountains. Pricing is on the registration site. This event is for BDJ members only. Space is limited to 50 rooms. Register Here

Seder Nashim

April 29

4:30 PM

Rena Katrikh's home

Green Flags / Red Flags: Navigating Relationships

What are the signs that it is time to commit? How do you know when it is time to leave? From young adults juggling hook-up culture and external marriage expectations to people later in life weighing when enough is enough or what is actually best for the kids, let’s talk about indicators of healthy relationships, relationships that can be adjusted, and relationships that are no longer working. And how do we support our friends, children, and others as they face these life altering decisions? See all the events in our exciting lineup here!

Community Announcements

  • Everyone is invited to participate in the LA Mikvah capital fundraising campaign at See more info here.
  • Yesh Tikva and LA Yoetzet Halacha Jordana Topp present Stories Untold: Journeys to Parenthood, Shabbat March 25, 4:30-5:30 PM At the home of Sophie and Eitan Melamed. Address upon RSVP. Come hear two remarkable women from our LA community share some of their experiences with infertility. *This event will be for women only. RSVP to See the flyer here.
  • YCT presents Seder Sense: An Evening of Pesach Prep for your Mind and Soul. Sunday March 26, 8-10 PM EST, on Zoom. Click here to see the event flyer. Free and Open to the Public. Register at
  • Pedal for Pink: Sharsheret LA is spinning into a year of fitness! Join us on Sunday, March 26, 12:30 p.m. for a fun spin class at CycleBar Culver City and learn about Sharsheret's upcoming 2nd Annual West Coast Dash 10K | 5K | Family Fun Race happening on Sunday, September 10th. Sign up here. Questions? Contact Mark Rothman.
  • Israeli Folk dancing at St. Alban's in Westwood, 580 Hilgard Ave (Enter North Door next to UCLA Hillel). Tuesdays Circles 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. RSVP required to
Misheberach List

Bella Rivka bat Rosa (Aharon Shimoni's sister) * Shulamit bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson) * Michael ben Malka (Max Wozniak) * Tziporah bat Tova (Mrs. Sassover) * Chava bat Helen (Eva Magid) * Masha Hinda bat Malke Roisa * Tova Chaya bat Leah Malkah * Saureet bat Yehudit (Saureet Hayill) * Nechama Bracha Bat Yechiela * Moshe ben Shoshana (Martine Porter Zasada's uncle) * Yehezkel ben Kaila (Fred Toczek's father) * Sarah Golda bat Fradyl (Rav Yosef's mother) * Shlomo haCohen ben Rachel * Shalom David Ben Feigel (father of Boaz Hepner's friend) * Yair ben Bella Rivka (Sheryl Shimoni's nephew) * Esther bat Liba (Jill Lefferman's mother) * Miriam Yosefet bat Leah Malka (Tobi Inlender's sister) * Laurie Higashi * Shoshana Raizel bat Chaya (friend of Miriam Katz) * Bracha Merel bat Rivka (Bernice Epstein) * Lev Binyamin ben Masha Libba * Sarah Freida bat Raizel (Rachel Olshin's mom) * Illana bat Elke (Heather Thau's mother) * Baila Malka bat Ada Etti (Ze'ev Korn's mother) * Farah bat Mozelle Tobe (Brenda Robin's mother) * HaRavYitzchak ben Tobeh (Audrey Kraus' father) * Avraham Chaim ben Rivka * Sarah Yaffa bat Elka Tzivia * Aaron Ben Mai * Nechemya Ben Gittel (father of Carly Mann) * Eran Yakov ben Sara (Sara Naor's father) * Aliza Sara bat Miriam Chaya* Rachel Chana bat Rivka (Rochelle Frimmer, Debi Pomerantz's Aunt) * Ariella Rivka bat Tzippora * Tova bat Pesche (Tiffany Miller's mother) * Boaz Hepner’s friends - Chava leah bat Shprintze Bluma, Chaya Esther bat Shprintze Bluma, Avrahom Elijah ben Sara Miriam*Aharon Ben Rosa (Aharon Shimoni) * Marnina Danielle bat Yehudit Rifka * * Rella Miriam bat Ella (Sabrina Gillespie's mother)* Yitzchak Dov Ben Devorah * Shoshanna bat Shulamit (Susan Handman) * Chana bat Avigayil * Michal Aviva Bat Yehudit (Na'amit Nagel's sister) * Ada bat Tzila (Batsheva Kasden's mother) * Nechama bat Miriam v’Asher Zelig * Shmuel Nachum ben Elianna Sarah (JJ Helperin's friend) * Dovid Ben Rena Sheva (Margy Horowitz's brother) * Sharona Tova bat Chanah (Lisa and Jeremy Kolieb’s sister in law) * Devorah bat Raizel v'Eliezer (Deb Brandt-Sarif) * Yehudit Devorah bat Esther (Suzy Wozniack) * Shaul ben Chana Leah * Adina Yael Bat Dalia * Alexandra Rachel Bat Shoshana * Sorah Mindel bat Shulamit * Gavriel Yuval ben Miriam (Scott Sobel) * Channa Rachael Bat Esther Malka (Rachael Wernick) * Yaacov ben Goldie * Yekusiel Chaim ben Dobrish and Pesha bas Buntza Freyda (Joanne Helperin’s parents) * Tzivia Friedel bat Zlata Sima * Bracha Chana bat Miriam (Arielle Gereboff's mother) * Chana bat Shifra and Pinchas Shmuel bat Nechama (Yechiel Goldberg's parents) * Esther Bat Chana and Lev Ben Israel (Dan Schechter's parents)

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