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A Word from the Academy Editor
Un mot du l'éditeur de l'Académie
Winter 2016
Hiver 2016
The three articles that form this issue of the Bulletin provide good examples of the life and work of our national academy, although, as Keith Hipel's article points out, we remain underfunded by comparison with other national academies, and therefore have less flexibility to provide the independent commentary and advice on issues of national importance. However, as the career of Fred Roots illustrates, on some occasions the abilities of individuals shine through, their contributions lead the way for many others, and their wise counsel forms the basis for policy and research for years to come. 
Les trois articles qui composent ce numéro du Bulletin représentent bien la vie de notre Académie nationale et ses travaux. Nous demeurons tout de même sous-financés comparativement à d'autres académies, tel que le souligne Keith Hipel dans son article, ce qui nous offre moins de souplesse pour fournir des commentaires et des avis indépendants sur des questions d'importance nationale. Malgré tout, comme en fait foi la carrière de Fred Roots, il arrive que certains individus brillent par leurs capacités, que leurs contributions montrent la voie à de nombreuses personnes et que leurs sages conseils servent de fondement à des politiques et à des initiatives de recherche pour des années à venir.  Lisez le message
Featured Articles
Articles en vedette
Ernest Frederic Roots, O.C., FRSC - eminent explorer and environmentalist
Michael Dence, National Research Council
On March 12, 2016, at the ripe age of 93, Dr Fred Roots received the Explorer's Medal, the highest honor of the Explorer Club of New York, thereby crowning a career of exceptional accomplishment and influence.  Sadly, the award proved to be the last of numerous honors as he died peacefully at his home in East Sooke, B.C. on October 18. A graduate of UBC and Princeton he achieved international renown when only 26 as the chief geologist of the famed Norway-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition (NBSX) of 1949-1952, widely recognized as the model for succeeding international projects.  Read more

Trudeau in China: Take note of Asian models that leverage, value scientific research
Keith W. Hipel, U niversity of Waterloo
Some questions worth thinking about for the Canadian government, considering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's current trip to Asia: Would it like some of the best experts in the world to design a sensible industrial strategy for Canada that would guarantee long-term wealth, employment and economic security for generations to come? Would it like to harness the brain power of our best thinkers to determine how Canada could secure a nutritious food supply system in the face of climate change and international trade agreements? Would it be surprised to learn that this could all be done at little cost and with no payment to the experts?  Read more

Lawrence A. Mysak, McGill University
Since the early 1980s, the Royal Society of Canada (hereafter, the Society) has worked to establish and strengthen connections with other national academies through programs involving the exchange of lecturers between the countries. Each of these exchanges allows eminent Canadians (generally Fellows) to lecture at several locations in the host country, and scientists or scholars from those countries to lecture in Canada. These visits are advertised as widely as possible, and most talks are open to students and the public.   Read more