December 2018  Edition
Dear Beloved,

It has been five years since Lapis Lazuli Ministries was started by the Lord, so we are ending the year with this bumper edition that shows our thanksgiving to our great and mighty God who has made all these things possible. He gave us the name of the ministry, got the ministry registered and said we would co-labour with Him as He needed to be seen in all that would be done.

We celebrated yesterday, 30th December 2018, the goodness of our God with a thanksgiving service at Our Saviours Church, TBS, Lagos, and a Luncheon later in the day at Oleander Waterview Bistro, in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. It was a really amazing time as friends, pastors, family, and well wishers joined us to celebrate our 5th anniversary.Thank you very much to all those who attended. We appreciate you. For those who sent their love and couldn't attend, we also appreciate you.

We give Almighty God His glory for all the lives that have been touched, healed, reconciled, transformed and restored to Him. Many missionaries out in the field have been refreshed and a higher priority is being given to intimacy with the Lord and the unity of the Body of Christ. Leaders and members from different denominations have stood together to worship the living God. They have celebrated things that bind them together. Ministry in the spirit is being sought and there's a heightened awareness of the love of the Father for His children.

For all this we are truly grateful. Gratitude is an attitude you choose, not a reaction to your circumstances.

1 Corinthians 11 v 23-24, tells us that on the day Jesus was betrayed, He took bread and gave thanks to God for it. Then He broke it and gave to His disciples.

So in spite of the betrayal, Jesus choose to give, to sacrifice, and to be a blessing. How much more do we owe our dear Lord thanksgiving, for all He has done for us. We bless God for the spiritual impact of Lapis Lazuli Ministries on this great nation. We, indeed return all glory to our wonderful God.

Christmas is a season of family, joy, gladness, festivities, excessive eating, sharing gifts and so much more. It's a time when we celebrate God our Father giving mankind the best gift of all time, Jesus Christ, to be born, and then later, to die on the Cross to reconcile man to God. It's the gift of the greatest rescue plan ever. Man sinned in the garden of Eden when satan tempted Eve with eating from the tree of 'the Knowledge of good and evil' which God had asked them not to eat from (Genesis 3 v 1-6). Sending them out of the garden amidst their despair, all the while God was creating a plan for reconciliation.

Christmas is also a season where we remember how great a sacrifice was made for us. God the Father set us the greatest example of sacrifice. (John 3:16) For He so loved the world, that He gave His only Son. What a sacrifice of His most prized possession, for you and I to re-enter into covenant with Him.

Jesus also sacrificed, choosing to leave heaven, to come down and dwell with man. Even though man rejected, betrayed, humiliated and distrusted Jesus, He choose to lay His life down for His brethren, you and I.

We see many other examples in the Bible of those who lived a life of sacrifice. Abraham left home and family to follow where God led him. He was also ready to sacrifice his son, Issac, in obedience to the Lord (Genesis 22 v 2- 13). King David said I will not give a sacrifice that costs me nothing (2 Samuel 24 v 24.) when asked to take the land for free. Ruth made a great sacrifice by choosing to leave her people and go with Naomi to take care of her.

For you and I, having received the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, what is our response? This season I feel we should ask ourselves, do I know how to sacrifice?

Father God started the first family and adopted us into His own. He puts us into families, ensuring that we do not get to choose, we just get thrust into them. This is a lot like God's Kingdom, as here too we do not get to choose who enters into His Kingdom. This means family is the first place we practice how to love one another unconditionally. A heart of sacrifice is fundamental for this unconditional love. We receive sacrificial love from Father God who is the Source of all love, and we learn to pass it on to others.

If we follow the example of Jesus, the Christian life is one of sacrificial living. In our family life, among siblings, and where extended family and in-laws are concerned, much sacrifice is demanded to keep peace and unity. The ability to forgive is crucial to maintaining good relationships. When you consider siblings who find it difficult to get along with each other, it's not a wonder that in-laws struggle in relationships, being they have had a much shorter time to adjust to each other. However, our ability to relate well, and be harbingers of Peace depends on us creating an environment where sacrificial love flows and overflows.

Mina x

Lapis Lazuli Ministries team visits Motherless Babies Home during Christmas
During the Christmas season, Lapis Lazuli Ministries went with gifts to spread joy at the Lagos State Government established Lions Village Motherless Babies Home in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. It was a real fun time, dancing, telling stories and playing with the children.

Mr Bajomo presenting donation from Lapis Lazuli Ministries to the Manager of Lions Village Motherless Babies Home, Lekki Phase 1.

Lapis Lazuli Ministries
Fifth Year Thanksgiving Celebration

Looking Back Over Five Glorious Years
It has indeed been five glorious years of Lapis Lazuli Ministries. This ministry was started  in Lagos with promptings by the Holy Spirit for the Name and Vision in December 2013. It started with hosting big Kingdom Conferences where guest Pastors who walked in great healing power were brought to empower and impart into Pastors, missionaries, leaders, students and others. The manifest Presence of the Lord brought healing and miracles to so many. The full gospel was preached in power. In 2017, the Lord instructed that He wanted us to also host the conference in Abuja. He asked that we bring Widows, and missionaries down as He wanted to refresh them spiritually. Apart from these Kingdom conferences, these Speakers are hosted by the Lagos Coalition of Apostles, and other Churches. This has increased their impact in  the Nation as people travel from far and wide to listen to them.  Many students who were brought to the conferences from outside Lagos have been impacted such that they have established ministries within their campuses and some are going on missions to other West African countries. Lapis Lazuli Ministries comes alongside churches to help them set up their healing ministries. We also run Healing workshops open to people who want to learn to walk in healing anointing. Lapis Lazuli Ministries has supported the establishment of Bethel Sozo Ministry in Nigeria, an inner healing ministry that is being started in churches. For more information on Bethel Sozo in Nigeria, visit the website .

Below are some pictures that give some representation of the past five years.

Kingdom Foundations Conference 2014 -  
Dr Randy Clark laying hands on participants
Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015 -  
Dr Tom Jones teaching on Destiny
Dr Randy Clark ministering at the West African Theological Training Seminary, Lagos - 2015 
UNILAG Youth Conference 2016 
Kingdom Advance Conference 2016 -  
Pst Fidelis blowing the Shofar
Kingdom Foundations Conference, Abuja 2017 - Dr Leif Hetland teaching 
Kingdom Foundations Conference 2017 - Widows from the Northern States Praising God 
Kingdom Revival Conference 2017 -  
Trish Riley laying hands and praying for healing during the conference
Kingdom Empowerment Conference, Lagos 2018 - Bishop and Mrs Garlington teaching 

Save-the-Date: 2019 Kingdom Conference 

Bob Hazlett will be one of our guest speakers at the 2019 Kingdom Conference scheduled to hold on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th of August in Abuja and Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of August, 2019 in Lagos.

Bob Hazlett is a proven prophetic voice. His teaching and prophetic ministry features on GodTV, TBN, Daystar and Bethel TV. He is a friend to Global Awakening Ministry leaders and a sought-after speaker and author. Strong healing and prophetic gifts follow his ministry. Bob has a passion to empower people in the spiritual gifts in order to fulfil their life purpose.

Please find below a link to one of Bob Hazlett's teachings:

"God's Inheritance For Us" by Bob Hazlett
Please invite and pray in all your contacts from far and wide.

You can buy past conference CDs as Christmas gifts for your loved ones in our office, Lapis Lazuli Ministries, 109, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. You can call us on 07034371401 for more details.

Please invite and pray in all your contacts from far and wide.

You can buy past conference CDs as Christmas gifts for your loved ones in our office, Lapis Lazuli Ministries, 109, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. You can call us on 07034371401 for more details.

Know More About: Lapis Lazuli Ministries  

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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"...Being at Kingdom Advance Conference 2016 was indeed an answer to prayer.  For years we have cried to God for the outburst of revival in our land and the Kingdom Advance Conference, I believe, was programmed to kick-start that move. The atmosphere was electrifying, the impartation was powerful and the teachings insightful. I was really glad I came. Since we returned from the April Kingdom Advance Conference, things have changed in our church, Valiant Ministries International, Kaduna, Nigeria. We are seeing the same atmosphere we encountered in Lagos manifesting here. The sick are getting healed, sinners getting saved, church membership increasing and I am now operating in word of knowledge just like Dr. Randy. I am so grateful for this, and I really thank the organizers for putting in place such a river in the desert. May God increase you greatly."

Apostle Paul Amos Eneojo, Presiding Pastor, Valiant Ministries International, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Prayer Requests

1. Thanking God for Lapis Lazuli Ministries over the past five years.

2. Thanking God for all the healings, miracles and transformed lives.

3. Praying for free and fair elections in Nigeria in 2019, devoid of violence.
4. Praying for the release of Leah Shuaibu and all others who have been abducted.

Calling Intercessors

We would like to ask Intercessors who have attended our kingdom conferences and would like to meet in your states to pray for the Nation and for Lapis, to please do so.

Please send contact details of your group to us - OR 07034371401.
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Jeremiah 29:11 

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
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