November 2019
A special thank you to all veterans for their service.

Veterans Day was originally known as "Armstice Day" and commemorated the first anniversary of the end of World War I. In 1954, President Eisenhower changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day in order to pay tribute to all veterans. We hope you are having a meaningful day.
Remember that local radio show celebrity who was featured in Shop Owner Magazine earlier this year? He was just named the 2019 WIX Driving Performance Award winner. Probably has something to do with his killer customer service, loyal technicians, and top-notch signage.

Congratulations Joe Sharp! We are proud to have you and Joe's Garage as part of our Bumper to Bumper network.

Whether you're a travel aficionado or you're in it for the money, the Big Race Weekend sweepstakes have both. Enter for a first-class trip to the Indy 500 in May 2020, or win one of 500 gift cards (one for every mile of the race) valued up to $500. And if you're really lucky, you could win both.

Earn an entry with every qualifying $150 invoice from your Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper parts supplier. MyPlace4Parts users are automatically entered.
In a landmark day for the vehicle repair industry, the Australian government announced it will introduce a mandatory data sharing law to ensure independent facilities have access to all necessary repair information at a fair price.

This is a major victory not only for Australian technicians, but for independent repair facilities across the globe, who are slowly gaining momentum.

In April 2021, our Alliance Takes the Hill Convention in Washington, D.C. will bring the Right to Repair to the steps of Congress.
The technician shortage is a real challenge. Hiring a technician who doesn't fit your shop culture is not the right answer.

The most effective way to find out if a potential hire is the right choice for your shop is to allow the candidate to talk about themself during the interview, and it's up to you to ask the right questions.
Score a $25 prepaid Visa card.

Through the end of November, use your Credit First National Association account to earn some cash back.

Just make a purchase of $199 or more using your CFNA credit card, and CFNA will cover your next two drinks from Starbucks, or maybe a tank of gas.

Auto Pass credit cards are exclusive to CSCs and enable you to offer your customers a line of credit and gain their loyalty. The program can also lead to more frequent customer visits and higher expenditures on each visit.

Looking to liven up your office? Check out Ashgrove Marketing's newest selection of calendars — both auto-themed and other. This year's line-up includes many old favorites such as muscle cars, classic cars, antique tractors, wildlife, and much more. Contact your Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper parts supplier for pricing and ordering details.
Service is the difference, we get it! And sometimes, that means social media is the difference too. A social media presence helps you understand and connect with your existing and potential customers.

You've already got a lot to keep up with, so we've done some of the work for you. Maintenance tips and exciting news from yours truly are yours to share.
Automotive Parts Headquarters, Inc. won big in Las Vegas earlier this month.

A longtime Auto Value shareholder, APH is based in Saint Cloud, Minn., and operates in Minnesota and surrounding states.

John Bartlett, executive chairman and CEO, won the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association's Jack Creamer Automotive Leader of the Year Award , the industry's highest honor.

And the same week, Bartlett's son Corey Bartlett, president of APH, was honored with Northwood University's Aftermarket Education Award in recognition of substantial dedication to the education process and the aftermarket for several years.

Congratulations to both Bartletts and to Automotive Parts Headquarters!
Winter is coming, and frozen batteries could be too.

Frozen batteries both are useless and can damage their cases, causing even more expense and hassle for the vehicle owner.

ASE-certified technician Andrew Markel is back to explain how to save customers time and money next time they need a battery replacement.
Identifix recently announced exclusive pricing for Certified Service Centers , so now's the time to get trained in using the program itself.

The company is offering 22 Direct-Hit live training webinars throughout November to provide a quick and comprehensive explanation of the program services. Bonus: It's FREE .
Just because OE is the original design doesn't mean it's always the right one. Sometimes, the original equipment comes with a common failure or time-consuming installation. That's where Dorman's OE FIXes come in.

If pressing out rusted wheel bearings is causing you a headache, try the OE FIX pre-pressed hub assemblies .

If it's extracting what's left of a sheared-off bolt from inside a cylinder head that's problematic, check out the OE FIX Timing Chain Bolt .

And if higher than normal oil consumption is causing you to panic, Dorman's OE FIX intake manifold could be the solution.
Test your knowledge on ignition coils and prepare for the ASE A8 test by answering the questions below.
1. What can cause ignition coil failure?
a.) Spark plug gap
b.) Path of least resistance
c.) Vibration
d.) All of the above

2. True or False:
If a coil is in a clean and vibration-free environment and the gap on the spark plug is not correct, it will cause the ignition coil to fail.

3. When the gap between the spark plug and the electrodes _____, the ignition coil has to work extra hard to transform power to the spark plug because the resistance _______.
a.) Increases, decreases
b.) Increases, increases
c.) Decreases, increases
d.) Decreases, decreases

4.) Over time, the coil will generate more heat, and the variation in temperature will cause the ______ inside the coil to crack.
a.) Epoxy
b.) Phenolic resin
c.) Both a and b

5.) True or False:
It is OK to swap coils to diagnose a misfire code because the voltage from the second coil can't find its way into the primary coil, and eventually the driver for the coil.
6.) What would make energy coming out of the secondary coil want to create a spark outside the combustion chamber?
a.) The path of least resistance is present.
b.) The path is designed this way.
c.) A path of high resistance is present.

7.) Complete this statement: Electricity always looks for the _____________.
a.) Path of least resistance
b.) Path of high resistance
c.) Easiest path
d.) Both a and c

8.) When the power from the secondary coil is traveling through the boot, ignition wire, or spark plug, it creates ________ that causes oil and dust in the area to stick to the component.
a.) Static electricity
b.) A spark
c.) Vibrations

9.) A very ______ coating of dielectric grease is recommended on the boot top of the tube to avoid oil and dirt finding its way into the plug and boot.
a.) Heavy
b.) Light
c.) Medium

10.) True or False:
Too much dielectric grease can attract dirt and oil without the help of static electricity.