Larry W. Bunch
Granite and Rust Under Gray and White
Color Photograph
26  ½" x 21 ½" x 1"
Larry W. Bunch
Myrtle Beach, SC

"Seeing and thinking, looking for unseen qualities and relationships, making choices, clarifying, and presenting something new, which, as a result, challenge the viewer to see and to think differently about an object and by extension an idea or concept, is, to me, very rewarding.

Producing such works challenge me to create abstracted images, which may also serve as prompts that provide the viewer opportunities for conceptual thought and ideas. The challenge to the viewer is to look beyond what is initially presented and then thoughtfully move from the external to the internal. It is through such a process that one may be better provided for the discovery and realization of a less common and a more personal interpretation.

Certainly, on an external level, this particular image is merely the surface of an old wall. But on an internal level, it has the potential to contribute to a change in the viewer's perception and understanding. To me it's that transformative process of looking deeper, beyond the surface, both visually and conceptually, which I find incredibly interesting."

- Larry W. Bunch, 2018