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When the sun gets hotter and hotter, it's easy to get caught up in a frenzy of summer adventures, but pausing to share and reflect as we go is just as important. 


This week, we're all about sharing! 


Our party invite is up and ready to go, and sharing it via social media is super easy. Plus, if you help us get to 100 kids for the party, it will be afternoon to remember! 


Speaking of sharing, do you have a story to share about how flexible daycare has helped you and your family? We'd love to hear it! Write us a review, or share the details with us for our media efforts. 


The fieldtrip to Bunny Beach went off last week without a hitch and when we asked the kids about their favourite parts, they shared some hilarious insights. 


We're thrilled to spend this summer with all the kids and families who are here and can't wait to hear all about the holidays. Next time someone asks how your summer is going, what will you share?


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Spread the Word: 100 Happy Kids - Aug. 23
Share your story
Big Kids Abroad - Bunny Hunting Success!
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Spread the Word! The 100 Happy Kids Party is Aug. 23!


It's still more than two weeks before our all-ages, super fun, FLASH MOB DANCE PARTY - 100 Happy Kids - and to get the word out, we need your help!

Our instructional video has the steps to practice, and links for the details and registration, and if you could help us share it around, you could help us bring together a sight to be seen! 

Imagine! 100 Happy Kids dancing along with Denet at Jonathan Rogers Park, on Aug. 23! Talk about a photo op!

The Vimeo video has share links that makes posting it to any social media sites you happen to use super easy. Just click the image below and choose your favourite broadcast method! Your help would mean so much! So, could you? Please? :)

Share your story!
Has access to flexible care been helpful for you and your family? Has a social environment, and play-based programming made a developmental impact? Does scheduling licensed childcare with as little as one hour's notice take some of the stress out of your weekly routine? 

Tell us about it! 

We'd like to produce a short fit-for-publishing story about the ways that flexible, occasional daycare fits into the childcare landscape in Vancouver. After almost three years in the business, we know it makes a difference, but we'd love to count the ways. 

If you noticed the words start flowing a few weeks after joining us, or if peeing on the potty, sharing, or following directions became more prevalent, please take a moment to share your story. 

You can leave a review of our centre, staff, location at 950 West Broadway St., etc., on our page on Canada's most popular daycare search engine Daycare Bear (and see what other families said, too!)

~ AND! ~ 

If you'd be willing to help us with our publishing project, email Talia for a short list of questions, so that we can collect your impressions. 

Thank you! 
Big Kids Abroad - Bunny Hunting Success! 

The schedule of field trips for the rest of the summer is up, and there are still lots of great outings for your child to enjoy! 

Last week, Jayme and Talia led a hardy group of kids to Jericho beach, and the mission was clear: find and feed a bunny. Our trip to Bunny Beach was a complete success, and Jayme took tonnes of pictures for our blog. Check out her post, and then sign up for any of the trips for the rest of the month. 

This week, the animal adventures continue, as Denet and Jen lead the kids to Bird Plaza at Olympic Village, and make a stop at Habitat Island, to visit the animals that make that area their home. 

If your child is at Buddings between 1 and 5pm, they can share the adventure too!

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