We are proud to introduce the Marchant Manor cheeses to Fresh Fork. For anyone who is a regular at Ohio City Provisions, you have likely been seeing these cheeses as an exclusive at OCP for the last year. Now, the supply is growing and there is more to spread around.

Last year while shopping at OCP, Dr Kandice Marchant brought in some of her home-made cheeses as a gift. At first bite, the staff at OCP went nuts. The cheeses were rich, smooth in texture, and with an appropriate amount of adult "funk." To say they were good was an understatement. 

Trevor and Todd knew there was a market demand for the cheeses, and they began to encourage her (ok, maybe demand) to make cheese commercially. Soon, the ODA was engaged and Kandice was given clearance to make her cheeses at Wholesome Valley Farm and age them at OCP.  

The first commercial production was successful. Trevor then worked with the owners over at Paint Valley Creamery, who bottles our A2 Guernsey Milk, to work out a deal with Kandice to use their facility and make the cheese there in bigger batches. Since, Kandice has been making monthly pilgrimages to Wilmot to make her cheese.

We are very proud to offer these excellent cheeses exclusively through the Fresh Fork family of companies. Please preorder yours today to guarantee availability.

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