Special Edition
Burned to the Ground In Millbrook
One Day Prior to Closing

Saturday night at 6:00pm my clients bid farewell to their home of over 40 years and left with truck to start the next chapter in their journey out of state. They hustled to finish packing and texted me with the "all clear."

The buyers had their own truck packed in eager anticipation. Closing scheduled for Monday morning (today). This home enjoyed 62 showings and 32 offers in 4 days and was featured in the recent New York Times real estate section cover story article as an example of a home priced well and effectively marketed.

To share my take on seller motivation, my clients were about to realize nearly $100,000 over asking on a fully paid mortgage. In every aspect, this had been a smooth sail with highly motivated clients.

12 hours after the sellers bid farewell....
Sunday morning, 6:45am

I receive a distressed call from my seller client who shared a video from the neighbor of their home enveloped by rolling flames ablaze. We both saw the video, but shock left us unable to process without seeing in person. Over I went.

This home burned to the ground one day before closing. This was the "gap day" that neither buyer nor seller were in residence. For that, I hold deep gratitude as no one was hurt.

The cause is not yet known. It is my hope for the benefit of some sense of resolve for all clients involved that a conclusive finding is attained.

Words can't even. My heart goes out to all clients involved. Before and after pictures below.

Before: Saturday July 24th
After: Sunday morning, July 25th

Instagram Series

On a happier note, I just launched two new series on my IGTV channel (HudsonValleyNest) on Instagram:

"The Market Now" with first episode "Multiple Offers from a Buyer and Seller Perspective". Next up: What is going on with this market? Why are some houses sitting, reducing in price and even expiring while others are flying off the shelf? Do you have an adjustment coming? What are some factors that could trigger an adjustment?

The "Tips and Advice" series is the second launched. Episode 1 "Inspections: Don't Buy a Home without One!" and Episode 2: "Homes Realtors Would Buy and Why." (I do a home walk through with this one from a realtor and investor perspective). Next up: Getting a mortgage and Declutter for Dollars.

Check out my channel on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest in all things real estate: HudsonValleyNest.


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