February 2, 2018 eBrief

VeteranAttorney saves Veteran from eviction
David Dowd, a partner at Burr, stopped the eviction of an Air Force veteran, who he met at the Veterans Help Desk. "I thought it was morally wrong that his landlord would not make needed, significant repairs to his apartment, despite repeated requests, and then started the eviction process," Dowd said. Dowd negotiated a consensual exit from the apartment by the veteran, which led to the dismissal of the entire case.
"I am beyond grateful to Mr. Dowd." the veteran said.
Thank you Civil Help Desk Volunteers
Thank you to the Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Rosemary Alexander  (pictured), Shunnarah,  McKinley Dunn , Hand Arendall,  James Gibson , Lightfoot Franklin,  Bridget Harris , Lightfoot Franklin,  Leon Johnson Preston
(pictured), Bressler,  Preston Neel , Bradley,  Bill Prosch Anne Marie Seibel , Bradley, and  Sarah Yates , Bressler. 
MediateProviding Mediation at Domestic Relations Court
Thank you to the attorneys volunteering at the 
Self-Represented Domestic Relations Docket  with Judge Patricia Stephens Jessica Kirk Drennan  (pictured), Kirk Drennan, acted as mediator to help a couple with two children settle the issues of their divorce.  John Milledge  and 
Brian Turner  assisted two  couples complete divorce paperwork so they could move on with their lives.

homeTouching lives at Turning Point

Thanks to the Turning Point "Homeless Court" volunteers:  Joseph Bulgarella (pictured), Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court, Stephen Bulgarella, Sirote, Wesley Bulgarella, Balch, Chelsea Phillips, Balch, and Amber Whillock, Starnes.
Helping our Veterans
Thank you to our Veterans Help Desk volunteers: Allen Baker, Balch, Judge John Carroll, Cumberland, Bill Dawson (right), Linda Hall, Colin Moorhouse (far right), StoneRiver, Matt Swerdlin, Charlie Waldrep (far left), Waldrep Stewart, and Amber Whillock (center), Starnes.
Attorneys Needed

This domestic violence victim needs to divorce her husband who pulled a gun on her and is incarcerated for arson. 
Thank you Domestic Relations Help Desk Volunteers!
Great Job Domestic Relations Help Desk Volunteers: 
April Bauder , Merrell, 
Matthew Griffin  (pictured), 
Melinda Guillaume Susan McAlister John Milledge
J. Timothy Smith Heather Ward , Maynard, and  Pam Weed.
Help Desk & Court Volunteers Needed

Dear Friends of the BBVLP,

We want to make volunteering easy and want you to have excellent pro bono experiences. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Many Thanks!

Nancy Yarbrough, Esq.
Executive Director
Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program
(205) 250-5198, option 1