From the Executive Director's Desk:
A few months ago a Member told me it was nice that I was wrote articles for the newsletter, but that it would be more interesting to hear from Members instead. You don’t need to hit me over the head to steal a good idea, so for the last couple of months I have asked people to consider writing a quick article about their perspective on the Y's programs and services. This month we are featuring a story from a great family perspective. We have really enjoyed getting to know these folks and what they bring to our YMCA community. Here's Shannon's Y story:
Shannon's Y Story
The definition of community, according to Google, says: "A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."

This is exactly what the Red Wing YMCA represents to me.
My son and I moved to Red Wing in the fall of 2017. As a mother, raising a child on her own, I yearned for a support system, a sense of community, a place that could be considered our "home away from home" and that is how we ended up at the YMCA. I wanted to be a part of a community so our transition from the hectic city life in Minneapolis to our new peaceful way of life here in Red Wing, would merge with ease.

I recall walking in and being embraced by happiness and smiling people! The people at the front desk pointed me in the right direction and off I went to meet Steve!

Steve walked me through every detail of what the YMCA had to offer and even included my son on our amazing conversation. I signed my son up for swimming and gymnastics right away and we have been a part of this amazing community ever since.

Three years later, my son has participated in swim lessons, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, and has gone to Camp Pepin three times-twice this year in fact! He participates in before and after school programs as well as the summer day camp program. So when I call the YMCA our home away from home, now you can see it truly is.

So, if you are new and or a 20 year supporter of the YMCA, thank you. Thank you for putting you faith and trust into a community that started so long ago on core principals that just wanted everyone to feel safe, good and healthy. We might just be a group of average Joe's but I wouldn't trade that for the world, because in the end we have found a second family and it all began by taking a leap of faith and walking through those doors. 

When we started here I was down to pennies-I wasn't judged or turned away. I was awarded scholarships to help. Without the donations of so many amazing men, women and organizations from around the area, my son wouldn't be where he is today, so I want to thank you all for being apart of that. If you are thinking about donating, please know you will be making a difference and one that's life long. If you are looking for that sense of community but need help, don't let that stop you. Come on in and let's talk! 

-Shannon, Andrue and Roman Landmark
A couple thoughts – it feels very good to all of us here when Members and Participants (especially new Members and Participants) understand exactly what we’re working so hard to do. Shannon’s family really gets it, and it has been delightful to watch them grow and take ownership here. The key to our method is not to create recipients, the key to our method is wrapped around creating owners and shareholders of our Mission.

So when you see letters or get phone calls from the Y asking you to consider making a contribution, we’re really not asking you to contribute to an nonprofit institution. Rather, we’re asking you to help us create what Shannon is describing to you in her wise words above. We will reap exactly what we sow in this world, we sow good stuff and we get good stuff back tenfold. Please help us sow the good stuff. 
We want to know how the YMCA has impacted your life-just like Shannon did. It's so easy to share-just click button and send us an email!

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