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By Juan Guillermon
Bursting Your Way Through
By Soul Level Astrologer Marcella Eversole

Sunday, October 13, 2019
Putney, Vermont

This month's full moon in 21 Aries occurred at 5:08 Eastern and brings us into the collective exhale of the New Moon in Libra's inhale. From my perspective, the cosmos is urging us to bust through the opening created at the New Moon ( see my report) as the first step to creating a greater context of mutuality. The adolescent will-to-be of Aries, gives us a collective burst of needed conviction to bring our unique piece of human nature all the way through the trance of normalcy that typically dominates.

By Francene Hart
With Jupiter in the same frequency as the Full Moon through this week and Pluto sitting on that degree through November 10, we can observe where we are at in our capacity to pioneer new spaces and possibilities. The living future cannot come through us if we continue to stand in old postures that no longer serve.

Often times, our ego compels us to come forward in ways that we know others' value. The approval and love that comes from being seen as one bearing gifts can undermine our own journey in discovering the deeper gifts we have to bear. We might ask ourselves:  What use is it to offer gifts that others' may not value or appreciate?  And, yet, the freedom to be true to that mystery continues to build, and deeply longs to come through.   

This is part of the conundrum this lunar cycle illuminates.  

The part of us that is drawn to collaborate, to serve, to exist with sensitivity to others' and their needs, wants to show up with full access to the magical potential we carry. It's not enough to show up in a corpse-like trance, offering what others expect at the cost of not showing up at all. The challenge is: How do we stream in what is new and alive, when the shared space feels so conditioned and wrought with limited connection points?

It takes a very strong will to be true.   It takes personal conviction to walk past someone else's trail head, and instead bushwhack through our own inauthentic tendencies to look good and be valued. So many external standards are completely unrelated to the special ways of being we carry inside of us. 

The New Moon began opening the way to more advanced relating, and this Full Moon wants to bust through that opening, thereby changing the collective space and diversifying the potential points of connection. Seeing and/or overcoming our childhood fears of making errors and being ridiculed is some of the bushwhacking that must be done. And, just like the effort it takes to clear a path through a forest, it is not instantly gratifying, it takes time going over the territory again and again before there is a clear way through.

By Annelie Solis
Earlier this month, Venus moved from the sign of Libra to the sign of Scorpio bringing us deeper into the molten core of world process. The shared field of love and acknowledgment that was generated last month can be a huge support as we enter this supremely subjective and utterly experiential territory. Venus in Scorpio is engorged with emotion, unable to separate between what's flowing in and what we are giving out. As this logic of emotion prevails, Venus passes through Gate 2 on October 29 as she continues her ascent up from the Underworld.

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Soul Level Astrologer Marcella Eversole

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