's Burt Reynolds
Convoy Makes it to Atlanta!

The September 30th, 2018 Burt Reynolds Memorial Convoy (Texarkana to Atlanta) Departure Video has been uploaded to Youtube. Please watch and subscribe to our Channel to view more SBTC/ videos. Please share this link:

Watch the Convoy Video here:

Local Texarkana Media Coverage:

Respect for the Bandit: Truckers hit the road in tribute to Reynolds

Truckers from Texarkana to Atlanta are coming together to honor Burt Reynolds


Truckers' group organizes drive from Texarkana to Atlanta to honor Burt Reynolds

East Bound and Down: Truckers honor late Burt Reynolds with tribute in Texarkana, 900-mile convoy to Atlanta, Ga.
Organizer's Recap:

"Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Burt Reynolds Memorial Weekend & Eastbound and Down Convoy... whether you drove one of the 30+ vehicles including trucks, motorcycles, 2 Trans Ams/four wheelers, police escorts-- attended the memorial with Pastor Scott and the Mayors of Texarkana, came out to see Sean Bailey's Bandit Trans Am and Buford T. Justice patrol car, attended The Road Hammers concert and comedy show, watched the film festival, rooted the convoy on from an overpass in one of 6 states to pay your respects with your children waving your American flags or simply joined us in spirit by wearing black to remember The Bandit, we appreciate you! I am taking the day off today here in Atlanta and have me a nice, ice cold Coors beer. Thanks to the driver who brought it, wherever you are. ROLL ON!"

--James Lamb, Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) president.

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Pastor Scott, Texarkana (TX) Mayor Bob Bruggeman, Texarkana (AR) Mayor Ruth Penney Bell and SBTC President James Lamb
say goodbye to Burt "The Bandit" Reynolds.


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